picNYC Transforms Urban Dining

© Iwan Baan

Haiko Cornelissen Architecten recently unveiled their picNYC table with a live grass table top.  Inspired by wave of initiatives, the picNYC takes this concept into the house at a micro level. A folded lightweight aluminum table top and legs provide the necessary structure to support the stone drainage bed, soil and grass. With the grass option, spilling water while dining no longer becomes an issue, but rather a necessity. However, should one require a finely groomed lawn on top, the grass will need to be cut by hand. Other options suitable for the picNYC include an endless opportunity for planting with a wide range of greenery ranging from flowers, to fruits and vegetables.

Cite: Winstanley, Tim. "picNYC Transforms Urban Dining" 07 Jan 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=196747>
  • paulo pinheiro

    Nice table, but bench should also be like the table ;)

  • plainsofthetablelands

    sociopaths will be pouring wine into it and stabbing it with their cutlery, and smiling evilly

  • edibletablecloth

    It would be neat if the table top were a herb garden, with strawberries growing in the corners or centre. For the BDSM convention and dinner, it could be planted with Opuntia

  • paulo pinheiro

    that is good to, but i was thinking in some little flowers that spread good fragrant, besides giving color to the tale, they will give natural smell to the kitchen or living room where the table is. maybe could be planted in the 4 corners of the table like u suggested!

  • spareparts22

    fun. though looks uncomfortable; metal edge digging into my forearms, blades of grass tickling my wrists, bugs jumping into my soup. Seems best as an outdoor coffee table… if you had the space.

  • paulo pinheiro

    metal edges could be rounded to inside (its just a detail, concept is nice), i use a rag board below my plates so no tickles, and about the bugs… u should go looking into it mate cause there are no bugs in my house so none on my dinner table for sure! ;)