Summer Villa at Lake Balaton / FBI Studio architects

© Zsolt Batár

Architects: FBI Studio architects
Location: Lake Balaton,
Project Team: Péter Basa and Adam Reisz
Structural Engineer: Laszlo Jordan
Landscape architect: Nora Geiger
Photographs: Zsolt Batár, Antal Kiss

© Zsolt Batár

The house is situated on the South coast of Lake Balaton, the biggest lake of Central Europe. The lakeside is almost completely occupied by holiday houses. There are no more or not too many free plots in the most popular areas. The plot size and the neighborhood is disappointing even if you are lucky enough to find one. Lake Balaton used to be the only possibility for hungarians to have a holiday on the waterside. Almost every family built a small house or just a bungalow in one of the holiday cities of the lake. People didn’t have too much money for construction and the result was usually a „home made” solution. Furniture, houses, streets became very eclectic.

© Zsolt Batár

This is the past. The above mentioned free plots are expensive and rare today. Our Owner of the plot has been very committed building a high quality modern villa for summer use. We decided to blur the boundaries of outside and inside spaces at the ground level, as the plot is small like all plots in this area. The garden became part of the ground floor space. The exterior stone pavement continues inside the house separated with full story high glass walls. The living room and the terrace can be opened together with sliding doors, duplicating the living room size. The sliding doors are facing the pool from the other side, connecting the water surface directly to the living area inside. The ground floor is totally transparent. The back wall is made from exposed concrete separating the close neighbor. First floor is the family zone. The 4 bedroom and the 2 bathroom is located in a symmetrical layout. These bedrooms are connected by the gallery, opening to a two story high space above the dining room.

© Zsolt Batár

This house has a lot of custom-designed elements. The exterior wood-panel covers and the suspended ceiling continuing in the interior coverings, the in-built doors and wardrobes becoming part of the wood panel covered wall. The custom-made fireplace has been engineered without prefabricated elements. Even the sliding shutters and the first store’s fix shading blades were designed exclusively for the project. The house responds to the sustainable and environmental friendly questions with the solar-panel heated swimming pool, the special spaces and the high insulated structures.

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