Video: Hampstead Lane / Duggan Morris Architects Winner of RIBA Manser Medal

The renovation of a house, Hampstead Lane in North London, won Duggan Morris Architects the RIBA Manser Medal of 2011 for the best new house or major extension in the .  The video gives an inside look with the architects of the project on the design and renovation of the house.

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The house was built by architects for their family in 1968 in a Brutalist-style; it is “raw exposed concrete, exposed joists”.  According to the architects, the house as they found it was a series of small, tight rooms that had little relation to the landscape.  The strategy was to open up the house to the landscape, and give it an open-plan while preserving the structural and graphic qualities of the house – in particular, the exposed materials and its use of contrast to delineate the different moments of architectural intervention between the white palette of the concrete/canvas of the house and the black palette of the steel/intervention upon the house.

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