In Progress: Seoul New City Hall / iArc Architects


Architects: iArc Architects
Location: Seoul,
Area: 7,590.64 sqm (Building), 12,709.40 sqm(Site)
Photographs: Youngchae Park

© iArc Architects

The Seoul New City Hall has to be a future shape architecture which goes with the Korea terrain that adapts to the Seoul citizens’ cultural emotion. The familiar horizontal line of architecture and deep shade of roof is suitable form for Korean terrain and climate. The Spatial relationship between architecture and urban structure of Seoul is very different from the western one. The Korean living space has no axis or facade which can be seen from the entry, because it consists of mountains and valleys. The Korean think experience of space is more important than optical object, so entry of architecture is diverse space like open or close, not just straight line. The Seoul new city hall wants to be a future architecture that goes with the culture and terrain. The design comes from Seoul square. Seoul square is a symbolical center of Seoul and the only existing outside public space.

© iArc Architects

The concept design is a vertical extension of Seoul square. The Seoul city office is arranged in back of the vertical square and cultural facility is in top space. The cultural facilities are hanging. The Multi-level hanging terraces are liked linking to this culture facilities. The breathing curtain wall which is designed for wind-circulation hugs Vertical Square, culture facility and multi-level hanging terraces. The space where hanging terrace surrounded by this curtain wall is ecology square that have sustainable eco-system and green wall. The City administration is opened to citizen through overall vertical space of office and that symbolize transparency and democracy of Seoul city hall. The Citizen can access to new city hall through existed city hall and bridge on sunken square to open basement one floor. The Seoul-new city hall is completed by linking the past and future of Seoul square`s placenes.

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  • barame

    I don’t know why at all..This is the example how architecture can destroy the local culture.

  • hotglue

    …and this is now the new city hall of Seoul?? How disappointing.

  • Rhagne

    It seem like tsunami….sorry…

  • pimpyboy

    Archetype of pseudo architecture.. No aesthetic, no meaning, and neglecting all the context.

  • Eugene Didier

    the interior renderings reveal interesting vistas though the exterior form is congested, over-wrought and frankly not appealing

  • seoulster

    The building is an essay in how not to design a civic monument. It has no regard for context, scale and most disappointingly culture. Embarrasing.

  • daruish

    I need more section and pelan and informion about this building how Ican get it