Porsche’s New U.S. Headquarters and Customer Experience Center / HOK


HOK has been selected to design Porsche Cars North America’s new headquarters in , following an intense design competition. This innovative development includes a contemporary workplace, a Technical Service and Training Center, and a Customer and Driver Experience Center with an integrated road handling track. The dynamic design embraces the on-site road handling track, celebrating the Porsche driving experience at every turn. More images and project description after the break.


The nearly 200,000-square-foot complex will accommodate up to 400 employees under one roof on a high-profile, 26-acre Aerotropolis site near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The headquarters will provide Porsche a strong foundation for continued growth in its largest market worldwide. The vision for the new U.S. corporate home is to create a bold and energizing environment where the physical elements are as memorable and moving as the Porsche driving and ownership experience. HOK’s design has perfectly interpreted this vision into a dynamic design that is as emotionally charged as Porsche automobiles.


HOK’s design will create a single home for the Porsche North America family by bringing together office, training and driving functions while creating a unified brand experience. An interior “Main Street” and courtyard area showcasing the vehicles will function as the heart of the facility. From this courtyard space, customers and employees will be able to interact while watching the action on the track below.


Reflecting Porsche’s commitment to the environment, HOK is designing a highly sustainable building and targeting a minimum of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification. Energy conservation measures include fine-tuning the building orientation and creating a highly efficient building envelope. The team will explore opportunities for natural ventilation and on-site energy generation and green roofs that reduce the heat island effect and filter rainwater before it returns to Atlanta’s water system.

Employees will enjoy a contemporary light-filled workplace that promotes collaboration and inspires creativity. Central café areas, team rooms and huddle spaces will support Porsche’s cooperative, transparent culture.

HOK’s integrated design services for the project include architecture, interior design, workplace strategy, sustainable design, high-performance building engineering, environmental graphics and landscape architecture.

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  • onig

    Oh, Porsche…..

  • Tim

    It’s always funny to me when companies who design beautiful things let their CEO’s pick mundane 2nd rate architectural firms/designs that imitate first tier firms for their corporate headquarters.

    They should have had a discussion with their design department.

    Choosing HOK, they just end up sounding like they don’t know what they’re doing from a design standpoint.

    It’s actually bad marketing wrt the people who understand design and who might buy their cars, but it doesn’t seem like the CEO’s who picked this design know any better.

  • Loves GT3RS

    Why is that Porsche in Germany can hire Delugan Meissl Associated Architects and here they ask HOK to design it? HOK will not deliver anything comparable in design to that of this other young talented firm! Why oh why would they do that here. Corporate American Architecture is the last thing a company like Porsche should hire. Even these renderings and the quality of them exude nothing that the experience of owning a Porsche let alone driving a Porsche is about.

  • evolo

    This is like a guy who wanted a Porsche buying a Mazda Miata and then transparently trying to hide their regret by loudly telling everyone who knows better how cool the Miata is.

    This design is just a bad 3rd rate (doesn’t qualify as 2nd rate) knockoff, and I suspect many Porsche owners might know it.

    Big mistake on Porsche’s part in my opinion.

  • Ian

    This has to be a joke, right? I’ve seen better work come out of 2rd year studio…

    For some brand name headquarters, sure, this design and HOK would happen regardless… but for it to be Porsche?! Absolutely ridiculous.

  • dsa

    I’m not sure which is worse, HOK’s design or that it was the winner of an ‘intense design competition.’

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  • zack morrison

    I think most forget, that in this economic environment and given the state of the indusry..the firm willing to do the most service for free is usually the ‘winner’

  • Doesn’t like Acronym Architects

    Come on, someone from HOK, stand up for yourselves and defend your design!

  • dsfggh

    wow, i would love to work in porsche’s headquarters: judging by the pictures i would drive a porsche to work!


  • Jack McMullin

    The location was chosen by Porsche so that VIP’s can see the track as they fly into the ATL airport. I think HOK did a pretty decent job considering the small space avaliable, location and desires of the client.