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SN House / Studio GT

  • 01:00 - 29 November, 2011
SN House / Studio GT
SN House / Studio GT, © Denilson Machado
© Denilson Machado

© Denilson Machado © Denilson Machado © Denilson Machado © Denilson Machado +15

  • Architects

  • Location

    Londrina, Brazil
  • Architects

    Studio GT
  • Team

    Guilherme Torres, Celso Oshiro, Jean Oliveira, Rafael Miliari, Raphael Lima, Vanessa Bercini
  • Area

    843.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

From the architect. Perfect for the leisure time of a large family, this house in Londrina, Brazil seems like its floating in the air. That is due to the volumetry and the large spans without pillars designed by the architect Guilherme Torres.

© Denilson Machado
© Denilson Machado

From the unevenness of nearly 3 meters of the ground, it came the idea of a residence with a cantilever main floor to reserve more space for the leisure area on the lower level. “I’ve docked the house on the slope” says the architect Guilherme Torres, “By doing that, I’ve released the space underneath it to the garden, the pool and the living rooms”. The irregularrelief was won by a monumental block of prestressed concrete containing cables of high strength steel driven and trapped inside the slab itself. This feature allowed the span of 17.5 meters long besides the 4.5 meters cantilever volume beyond the wall that mark boundaries of the leisure area.

© Denilson Machado
© Denilson Machado

Suspended and without pillars, the construction brings straight, pure and simple forms. Contrasting with the white masonry, stone and wood coatings have the power to warm the look without breaking the contemporary twist of the proposal. “By being natural, they carry an amount of rusticity and promote comfort”, says the author. The independent functioning between the two storeys was another right solution. On a daily basis, the life of the family is concentrated on the upper floor, where it is distributed the bedrooms, the kitchen, a living and dining room, all accessed by the side ramp and garage on the upper hall. But on weekends, they enjoy to receive the large family in meetings on the spacious and comfortable leisure area with pool, garden, barbecue gourmet and two generous lounges.


The project considered the use of local labor and simple materials, used in large volumes. Decorative stone, exposed concrete and white masonry are the elements that define the whole volumetry.

Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan

The project uses rainwater capture for reuse and solar heating system for faucets, showers and pool. All the residence was designed considering the solar axis and natural profile of the terrain. To maintain the privacy while not giving up the view, the entire block of bedrooms has received a closure of wood louvers, and due to this feature the house can remain open windows and have permanent cross ventilation.

© Denilson Machado
© Denilson Machado
Cite: "SN House / Studio GT" 29 Nov 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Jorge Peña Smith · December 02, 2011

SN House / Studio GT #arquitectura

mauro parolo · November 30, 2011

SN #House / Studio GT | ArchDaily via @archdaily #architecture #beautiful

bc · November 30, 2011

I don't care so much about he mimicking MK work (lots of architects do, and in this case it turned out beautiful), but it's almost disturbing to see the similarities in ALL of his works in progress. Just check in his website.

fguto · November 30, 2011

Somebody is showing off his Chevy...

A swing that close to the road is a major safety issue (or intelligence issue, i don't know...).

Marcio Kogan is a great reference and the house is, as said, beautifully mimicked.

But the architect could at least make the color scheme of the plans a bit less MK...

Andrei · November 30, 2011

Forget Kogan.
Google "casa jordi cantarell", a 1996 project by spanish architects. Looks very similar. :)

Yudha Permana · November 30, 2011

SN House / Studio GT via @archdaily

WHAT! · November 30, 2011

I thought it's Marcio Kogan's work... r u serious

Mishari.N.AL-Mutawa · November 30, 2011

SN House / Studio GT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Ruben Gomez · November 30, 2011

Great Design in Brasil
SN House / Studio GT via @archdaily #architecture

MARIO CAMARGO · November 30, 2011

SN House / Studio GT vía @archdaily

thomas foral · November 30, 2011

SN House / Studio GT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Rodrigo Lastra · November 30, 2011

Y YOU NOT COPY MARCIO KOGAN?, very poor copy of a great architect

JVB Architects · November 30, 2011
amada Carlota HR · November 30, 2011

SN House / Studio GT | ArchDaily vía @archdaily

Alma Coindreau · November 30, 2011

Marcio Kogan 100%, but beautifully mimicked

Nicolò Ondelli · November 29, 2011

SN House / Studio GT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

camilo · November 29, 2011

marcio kogan is an amazing reference. his work is spectacular! somehow this project seems like a very true identical replica of mk's style.

lola montaner · November 29, 2011

Interesting&clear Architecture... SN House / Studio GT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

CaporaliDavid · November 29, 2011

SN House / Studio GT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

André Moraes · November 29, 2011

I think that Marcio Kogan is a very nice reference

gui_wd · November 29, 2011

are there in Brazil only stone, wood, concrete and white paint? just one style?

Ruan Gaspari · December 01, 2011 08:19 AM


camilo · November 29, 2011

any similarity with marcio kogan is just coincidence????


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© Denilson Machado

SN 住宅 / Studio GT