MONU Magazine New Issue: Post-Ideological Urbanism

Monu, a magazine on urbanism just released their new issue on the topic of post-ideological urbanism. This issue touches on one of the most fascinating and biggest issues of our time and in our culture, or what is left of it: the non-ideological – or better post-ideological – conditions of our society when it comes to cities.

Today, ideology appears to have become, and to have been reduced to, something merely aesthetic, something you can buy yourself into as Wouter Vanstiphout explains in an interview with us entitled “Acrobatic Narratives”. In that sense cities have become suspicious territories where hypocrisy and fakery prevail when it comes to urban ideologies and one wishes to have some kind of optical device that detects all the lies, similar to a kind of night vision infrared technology that Thomas Ruff used in his “Nacht Series” applying the same technology that was used during the Gulf War.

You can see more about the articles on their official website. Also, you can browse the entire issue #15 on YouTube (video and more images after the break).

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