Niemeyer Center by Oscar Niemeyer Closing

© Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre

UPDATE: The Niemeyer Center has been re-opened.

The Niemeyer Center in Aviles, is soon to be shut down for several months due to disagreement over its finances and irregularities in its spending. The cultural center opened a mere 8-months ago, designed by Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer and has been an admired and appreciated institution for the city.  More after the break.


© Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre

The Niemeyer Center could have done for Aviles what the Guggenheim has done for Bilbao, according to Janelle Zara of ARTINFO. Unfortunately, Spain economy has stunted such success. The center and institution are not being let go easily. Mayor, Pilar Varela expressed her appreciation for the institution as an economic engine. According to Cristina Carrillo De Albornoz of The Art Newspaper, protesters have gathered “every last Sunday of the month since late September” to express their support.

© Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre

The regional government, led by President Alvarez Cascos, continues to look into the center’s finances. The government has also expressed its disappointment at the exhibitions and performances that have taken place since its opening. So while the finances and program remain under scrutiny, the future of the Niemeyer Center is still unknown. Talks will continue into December, mediated by Angeles González-Sinde, Spain’s minister of culture.

© Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre

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  • carlos eduardo

    Niemeyer’s architecture died a long time.
    he could not tarnish the good he did in a past

  • Eddie

    Oscar Niemeyer’s creativity will die when he dies. The creativity you create will die when you die.

  • architist

    How sad it is to hear this… So lame!!!! Architect’s live forever even if they die. Le Corbosieur works live on, wright;s work live and and so is Master niemeyer’s!!!!

  • Eddie

    Ahh, yes! Their creativity does live forever in their work. Their mind dies when their body dies. Their contribution to architecture dies as they die. Architectural contribution lives as long as the building is not destroyed.

  • Bauhaus

    Wow what a genius architecture ;-) Hands up!

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  • Peter C. Brandt

    Oscar was a genius, no one will doubt that and as long as his buildings stand and his books are read and websites remain, he’ll not be forgotten. Every architect should have a placque on their buildings indicating architect and date.