Munch Museum/Deichman Library competition entries

Munch Museum - Art wave - Tadao Ando
One of the entries, Artwave, by Tadao Ando

We’ve just featured the winners for the Munch Museum and Deichman Library competitions in . See all the entries for the competition after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Munch Museum/Deichman Library competition entries" 27 Mar 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • Franco

    where are you odris? no odris, no odris!

    liked this: Munch Museum – Wave Perspective Figure – CODE Arkitektur

  • Ahan


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  • M

    hehehehe….yeah, where is odris???
    i am waiting for one of his usual comments, ¨ love it¨ or ¨just impressive¨ …hehehehehe

  • Balkan

    Architecture is falling into a creative crisis!!!
    Entries are not very good

  • Lite

    Balkan i agree w/ you
    Isn’t it funny such a phenomena in the age of the everything is possible and everything is buildable?

  • Martin Stara

    I feel lost.

  • Rocket Valentino

    Sou Fujimoto, I don’t know if you’re reading this blog, but if you do: What have you done?! Your proposal has disappointed an admirerer profoundly.

    Tadao Ando must have lost it completely, Zaha is doing what she always does, as with Lacaton and Vassal (architecture school in Nantes) and Herreros (apartment building at Gran Canaria).

    A sad day for Oslo and architecture…

    Ghilardi Hellsten, however, have really impressed me. It’s a small office, but they managed to propose the most diverse and interesting project. Wow!

  • Tadao Cern

    Sad. In this case even I could be a winner:)
    Anyway I thought that some of the proposals were trying to copy Hersog And de Meuron. Sadly they didn’t a part in this

  • zuki

    i couldn’t avoid noticing a incredible and general lack of inspitatios and quality in 90% of the entries

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  • helmet

    I really like Heneghan Peng Architects, because is like a iceberg i thing.

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  • Akin

    I think the Rex submission deserved the first place. If you visit their website, you can study the project and appreciate the approach.
    There is no intention to produce an iconic sign, there’s already the Opera House and it proposes an interesting solution for a museum with today’s complexity to display both antique and contemporary art, non-paid and paid circulations,one-all museum exhibition and different exhibitions.
    Also it proposes to move the site asigned by the competition and place it in a more effective point both from an economical and urban point of view.

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  • nazanin

    HI.very good

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  • gredenovich

    tukang nya keren ini

  • arlene nadya nafarin

    WAW RT @adegreden tukang nya keren ini

  • arq leonar arias

    tadao ando, and fernando romero+zaha haddid are the best.

  • Ranjana

    Tadao ando,and Code Arkitektur are the best.