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© Ulrich Kehrer
Architects: [tp3] architekten
Location: Haag am Hausruck ,
Contractor: Genböck Gmbh
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Ulrich Kehrer

These two leading themes are arranged to create a single overall structure through the symbiotic positioning of the different roof landscape. The integrated roof landscape means that at first glance it is not clear to the individual that these are actually two separate buildings, yet the roof that slopes towards the west connects the residence with the garage and therefore enables the existence of an intimate outside area in this interim zone.

Floor Plans

The ground floor is accessible directly above this zone. Although the north façade has a pitched roof, the actual separation of each design theme is highlighted by a house with a pent roof in front of the southern façade. This means that the building also looks like two different buildings from the two opposite sides. This is not visible in terms of the overall context, however, and basically refutes the configuration of the layout.


© Ulrich Kehrer
This does not in any way reveal that the roof landscape may be configured differently. The living areas are incorporated in the ground floor in a clear expression of form and have a special connection with the outdoors due to the interior courtyard. The private areas are located on the first floor and are arranged towards the south. The cladding of the passive house is a wooden construction, including cladding with a spruce formwork (with rear ventilation). The remaining heat and the hot water are produced using a heat pump with deep drilling.

© Ulrich Kehrer
The house requires 14 kWh/m²a and is equipped with controlled living space ventilation. This means the ensemble of buildings constructed on the plot merges into a building which responds optimally to the requirements and needs of the owner-builders.

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