La Capital / Dellekamp Arquitectos

Architects: Dellekamp arquitectos / Derek Dellekamp and Hector Zeivy
Location: Colonia Condesa, DF,
Project Leader: Aisha Ballesteros
Project Team: Tania Guerrero, Ignacio Mendez, Jachen Schleich
Program: Bar | Entertainment venue
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Iwan Baan

La Capital has infused a modern twist on the cantina while evoking its spirit through the volumetric qualities of the tall, narrow space inside. The elements within it are organized functionally, with all the utilities and service spaces pushed to one edge to allow the rest of the space to be free. The entire building is compressed into a single volume, allowing the kitchen to spill out onto a back terrace. The slope created by the parking ramp is reflected in the restaurant above, where it becomes a series of seats that break up the single space, making these a place of observation and exhibition. The openness of the space makes it a place to see and be seen, and it allows for connectivity.

This idea is also reflected on this screen that makes up the middle portion of the facade, which follows a recognizable pattern that has been transformed through the augmentation of its scale and proportion. Above, it seems to support a heavy, solid mass. Below this is a window where the occupants become part of the facade as a moving, ever-changing window display.

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  • odris

    i love the screen

  • guy

    Odris you love to easily

  • Cerentha

    Very cool house. The screening element is very dynamic and the light placements thoughtful. Cool. Thanks for posting.

  • dud (brasil)

    very beautiful.. but very expensive to build..

    P.S.: Cerentha; this is not a house

  • zarza

    ordis, no se puede amar demasiado

  • The Hawk

    Eveyone, Odris is a man of few words. This is somthing to be admired.

  • sullka

    It sure looks cool.

    But I would like to see it with furniture and decoration.

    It looks somehow strange for a restaurant, seems more like some random institutional building’s cafeteria.

  • andreop

    the simpler the better, good job making the minimal look so pleasant.

  • Ralf

    Good job so i’ve seen the wood and concrete steps in many works.
    Is a trend?

  • Silvia

    It´s terrible to live next to this building. The arquitects didn´t take into consideration how the building interacts with the enviroment and the sourrounding buildings and neighbours. Is terrible to live next to it (I do). If they had placed the terrace differently, nobody would suffer and everybody would be happy. But this poor design affects the life of more than 40 families because of poor judgement. The noise, music and voices coming out of it don´t let us sleep.