Apartment house in Tatari street / JVR Arhitektuuribüroo

Architects: JVR Arhitektuuribüroo
Location: Tallinn,
Architect in charge: Kalle Vellevoog, Velle Kadalipp
Design Year: 2004
Construction Year: 2005
Constructed area: 2,820 sqm
Number of flats: 24
Photographs: Arhitektuuribüroo

The apartment house finds itself in the very city centre, at close quarters of the main square of Tallinn, Vabaduse square. These were the quartes where the dashing building and city planning activities stopped in the end of 1930s because of the war and it stopped for decades, for the whole period of soviet power in Estonia. Today we can find here the small wooden houses from the turn of the 19/20th centuries side by side with the scheme of consistent street walls carried through during the first period of independence.

At the end of the 1990s the developments in the field of the city planning have finally reached to this quarter again.

The apartment house has been built instead of two small old houses pulled down and fills an empty hole between two recent apartment houses locating on both sides of the plot. The house “smartens up” a section of city landscape on the crossing of the streets, marks its position and stresses the significance of the site by craning above the street (6th and 7th floor levels), also joining together dislocated “red lines” of the crossing streets.

floor plans

The ground floor of the building is open for commercial functions, the apartments are situated on the upper floors, 27 altogether.

The two uppermost glassed floors, which reach frontward above the street, are defended from the straight sunlight by metal sun blinds.

Cite: "Apartment house in Tatari street / JVR Arhitektuuribüroo" 31 Mar 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=17280>
  • MZ

    I don´t know about this one. It is not that it is bad or anything, it is just mediocre. Just a relative low budget urban housing, does his homework, but nothing more. I don´t think I would have noticed passing by.

  • random

    I agree with MZ on this one. There are many more interesting looking apartment houses in Tallinn. Would like to see some other Estonian architects also show their projects here on AD.

  • j

    it’s a good “filler” project, aesthetically quite beautiful and suitable in its context, but not very special. on the other hand – not every project has to be something “special”, right? it’s always good to see such normal projects which lack the “landmark potential” but rather try to fit in the built environment.

    i agree with random – other estonian offices should also discover archdaily, thus far only jvr and 3+1 have shown their projects (and i hope they will continue to do that – they still got lots of good stuff still to be shown and seen by us), but hellooo, where’s koko? salto? kosmos? hga? kavakava & co? aet? emil urbel? etc…

  • JP

    Andrew and John are so smart … and so critical … their teachers of theory should be proud of them.

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    Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that chat who told me to go to your site :)

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