UPDATED: Win Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House from LEGO Architecture

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We announced at the beginning of this month that the LEGO® Architecture series will now include Frank Lloyd Wright’s , the 10th building in this popular series.  We asked you to stay tuned to ArchDaily for an exclusive surprise about the LEGO® Architecture just for our readers, and that time has come.  (More images of LEGO® Architecture’s , designed by architectural artist Adam Reed Tucker, can be found here.)

Thanks to LEGO®  Architecture, one of our readers can win a LEGO® Architecture Robie House.  We want to know what building should be the next in the LEGO® Architecture series and why.   All you have to do is become a registered user at ArchDaily and leave us your answer in the comments below by Sunday, September 25th!

Official rules:

One winner will be chosen at random from entries received between Monday, September 19th and Sunday, September 25th 11:59 EST. You must leave a comment as a registered user at ArchDaily. Open to anyone in the world. One entry per person, ArchDaily will enforce verification and remove duplicated ones before choosing the winner. 

Update: Given the high amount of submissions we will be giving away 5 kits this time. And the winners are:

Kris Conner
Megan Kindle
Steve May
Grant Anderson
Pier Paolo Pala

Cite: Minner, Kelly. "UPDATED: Win Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House from LEGO Architecture" 26 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=170226>


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    After the series on Frank Lloyd Wright, I think it is time for Lego to dedicate a series to either Richard Neutra or Louis Kahn, two great masters of American modern architecture!

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      Next one should be taj mahal,because it`s impressive and might be actualy worth putting together..

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        Taj Mahal is already in the LEGO series (I believe it’s the set with the most parts ever released).

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        I`d love to see that..
        so if i have to chose another one,i`d say the parthenon ,cause it should be easy to build ,but still be impressive!(O;

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      Why should it be American Architecture? Surely they should release a famous Danish building, the home of LEGO. What about the Jensen-Klint Grundtvig Memorial church 1913-1940?

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    It is a pleasure to have a LEGO model of an American great architect and its also a pleasure to “play” with LEGO again after more than 20 years!

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    The next building should be Pompidou Centre!! Because it will be fun to put the pieces together!

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    I think the MIT building (Simmons Hall), by Steven Holl, has a great potential to be the next in the Lego series, because of its block/cell compositions, offering numerous possibilities for new volume configurations.
    Or maybe they could make a Lego from any of Frank Ghery’s buildings, that would certainly blow your mind.

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    Well, that is a great chance.
    Besides, this series is not distributed in Saint Petersburg.

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    That’s a great chance.
    Besides, this series isn’t distributed in Saint Petersburg.

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    IMHO next should be the Bauhaus Dessau building by Walter Gropius because of the contribution that he had made to modern architecture – the best architecture style ever :-)

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    I think the building should be the next in the LEGO® Architecture series would be the Guggenheim Museum By Gehry in Bilbao. The reason i consider this as the best option is the fact that it would represent a challenge for Lego to get out of the Brick context, and change their trademark forms into a more organic Shapes.

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      The Flat Iron building!
      It is an early icon for high-rise, is world known and would look great in Lego.

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    In order to keep in the line of famous architects, I believe the McCormick Tribune Campus Center by Rem Koolhaas would be a fine addition to the collection, due to the design both of the campus itself and the train station it supports. Interaction with the train would also be amazing.

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    It’s absolutely great to see LEGO do this series of architecture. I hope the series continues with more of the iconic american architecture. Its great seeing the Robie house done in LEGOs.

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    Unité d’Habitation. The basic theme of architecture from its origins until today remains to solve the housing program and the Le Corbusier’s project is a great example.

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    I think the next one should be some building by Lecorbusier. It should had been done already. Maybe Villa Savoye, or even the Ronchamp’s Chapel.

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    Corbu’s Villa Savoye – illustrates his five points of architecture and serves as an excellent example of how modern architecture emerged and shaped the world we live in today!

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      I’m surprised that they haven’t done a Corb’s building yet, let alone the beginning that is arguably the beginning of modern architectural theory. My other choice would be OMA’s Maison a Bordeaux; it is clear manifestation of Koolhaas’ approach to design.

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    I would so love to have this. I have Falling Water and would love to collect this one too.

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    I would love to see LEGO make an attempt at Richard Meier’s work. Meier’s work clearly takes from Le Corbusier as well as Mies Van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright but Meier has been able to take these precedents and form an identity that is clearly his own. I would most like to see Meier’s Douglas House in Michigan, of the U.S.A., replicated into LEGO form as this would be something very different than any of the LEGO Architecture series which has been produced up to this point. Given that the house sits on a very steep incline, and noting that this would be difficult in the LEGO world, Wright’s Neugebauer House in Florida, of the U.S.A., would be another fantastic option to replicate in Mr. Meier’s distinct styling.

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    I love the Robie House, I choose it for 2 exams of my faculty. I think next could be something about Calatrava or Kahn.

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    For the trueness of the humble brick, of what would it like to be today, then Louis Kahn would have to be the next on the list.
    Perhaps even a typical lego model where you can create more than one building out of the same set.

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    Hagia Sophia should be the next. Because it was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years. And its mystic style shows different history pieces to us. It would be exciting ;)

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    The next building should be the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, from Mies Van Der Hohe, because of the contrast between the cleanness and simplicity of his design and the unique meaning of the building.

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    The Atheneum would be a great addition to LEGO Architecture series, an oustanding and one of the most renowned work by Richard Meier; the challenge for this building is not the shape by itself, it will be the attempt to emulate the modules on the facades and their relationship with each other.

    The Jubilee Church in Rome would be great also… a real challenge to LEGO designers.