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Is it too late to get out of Architecture?

John Picacio's cover art for 'AGE OF MISRULE: WORLD'S END'
John Picacio's cover art for 'AGE OF MISRULE: WORLD'S END'

Within the last few months, the number of emails I have received from people asking whether or not they should get out of architecture has been staggering. Equally surprising are the emails I receive that ask for direction on whether or not they should go into the field of architecture. The answer to both questions is easy: Maybe? For some people, the first question I ask them – the ender question, is always the same: “Why do you want to be an architect?”

If the answer is I have always wanted to be an architect, I move on to the next few questions. A person’s motivation for becoming an architect is singularly important. I went to college to become an architect while my friends simply went to college. My resolve and dedication towards becoming an architect was tempered by many all-nighters, 207 credit hours (187 required for my degree), and no fraternity for me – nobody who graduated from the University of Texas School of Architecture the same time as I did was in a fraternity (or sorority) – you just didn’t have the time.It was hard to get to where I am at right now and the people who were doing it because they thought it would be cool, for the money, or some other reason other than ‘I have always wanted to be an architect” didn’t make it. If there is something else out there calling to you, architecture probably isn’t for you. I haven’t regretted my decision ever. Ever. Sure, there have been loads of times when I wished I didn’t work as much as I do, made more money; I even get tired of the ladies who are “architect groupies ” following me around. It’s tough but I have always wanted to be an architect. This is a portion from an email I recently received which actually got me thinking about this post. The person who sent this loves to design and thinks about it all the time … it’s how she spends her free time, she travels to locations, she studies buildings, she even tracks down the designers in these locations and goes and meets them. In her words:

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