Acoustic Environments / AREA and Electrotexture Lab

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The Acoustic Pavilion Project, developed by AREA and Electrotexture Lab, is created from evolutionary algorithms that search the optimum form and reflective environment for electronic music within the context of Aalborg’s harbor front. More images and brief project description after the break.

Courtesy of AREA and Electrotexture Lab

It encloses the musical space from the city and opens to the water aiming at creating an intimate sound based milieu within an open public realm. The project serves as a research project between the studios AREA and Electrotexture Lab and Aalborg University, Institute of Architecture, Design and Media Technology.

Architects: AREA and Electrotexture Lab
Location: Aalborg,
Materials: 6 mm plywood, Galvanized steel scaffolding, Metal wire + wire locks
Year: 2011



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