AD Recommends: Best of the Week

Courtesy of BIAD UFo


Didn’t check ArchDaily last week? Don’t worry, we have the best from 7 days for you. Check them all after the break.

In Progress: Phoenix International Media Center / BIAD UFo
Phoenix International Media Center locates in the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park; the site area is 1.8 hectares. The total floor area of the building is 65,000m2 with a height of 55m. Apart from the media office, the broadcasting studios and the production offices, the building provides abundant of open spaces for the public to get interactive experiences, which expresses the unique operation concept of Phoenix Media (read more…)

We are happy to introduce you to Jody Brown, the architect behind the popular blog Coffee with an Architect. Starting this week, we will have periodic “cups of coffee” with him to talk about the usual things that are common to us, the architects. New Autocad Command Shortcuts after (read more…)

© David Frutos Ruiz


Casanueva Pharmacy / Clavel Arquitectos
The pharmacy’s sales model has been changing recently, parallel to rules and regulations. Besides the health service of the pharmacy, concepts such as “added value”, “competence” and “visualization” start appearing on the business speech. This 2-story, 180 sqm refurbishment was made in just two months; this was especially difficult because during the first month we were asked to combine sales and building work (read more…)

© Roland Halbe


Guerrero house / Alberto Campo Baeza
To build a well-balanced house full of light and shade. We built very tall, 8 meter high, walls around a 33 x 18 meter rectangle and covered the central strip, 9 x 18 meters. We raised the ceiling of the 9 x 9 central square to the same height as the 8 meter high outside walls (read more…)

© Mr Hyde / Wikimedia Commons


AD Classics: Villa Tugendhat / Mies van der Rohe
The Villa Tugendhat was commissioned by the wealthy newlyweds Grete & Fritz Tugendhat, a Jewish couple with family money from textile manufacturing companies in Brno. The couple met Mies van der Rohe in Berlin in 1927, and was already impressed by his design for the Zehlendorf house of Edward Fuchs (read more…)

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