Barcelona Ecological Center / XV Studio

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The Barcelona Ecological Center (BEC) is a proposal of XV Studio about the future of the Bullfight Plaza ‘Monumental’ in Barcelona, . The concept is radical: Transforming the bullring into a center of research and leisure regarding to environmentally friendly activities, especially the ones that respect and take care of animals. In other words, to use all the elements that already exist now in the ring to be reused in the opposite way. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of XV Studio

The proposal reuses the existing structure located under the stands for laboratories and companies working in field of ecology such as WWF, Greenpeace or Body Shop or other local companies. On top of the grades are placed bars and restaurants that use food from a certified production chain that respects both environment and animals.

Courtesy of XV Studio

In the center of the ring is so called “Sport ring” (as it was already called when it had been built in 1914) with sports activities and competitions such as beach volleyball, beach football or kite skating.

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The BEC can be an example of how to reuse these obsolete structures by transforming them into centers of activities with new values that generate higher quality economy.

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  • Ian Dawson

    nice but what are the logisitcs of kite skating in a stadium/bullring, yes i know they’re often windy spaces but is the wind too turbulant. also I think it would be nice to retain as much of the architecture as possible, this makes the contrast of use even more apparent. I think the symbolism is lost slightly when the building is changed to much… perhaps a valid point…

  • Did Gigazuri Daud

    yes Ian, but in this way changes will always be better than “symbolism” :)
    I like it :)

    bravo “XV studio” e mille grazie Alison Furuto ;)

  • Kinfe Tsige