In Progress: Phoenix International Media Center / BIAD UFo

Courtesy of

Architects: BIAD UFo
Location: , China
Client: Phoenix Satellite Television
Project Year: 2009-2012
Project Area: 64973 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of BIAD UFo

Phoenix International Media Center locates in the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park; the site area is 1.8 hectares. The total floor area of the building is 65,000m2 with a height of 55m. Apart from the media office, the broadcasting studios and the production offices, the building provides abundant of open spaces for the public to get interactive experiences, which expresses the unique operation concept of Phoenix Media. The logic of the design concept is to create an ecological environment shell embraces the Individual functional spaces as a building-in-building concept. The two independent office towers under the shell generate many shared public spaces. In the east and west parts of the shared spaces, there are continuous steps, landscape platforms, sky ramps and crossing escalators which fill the building of energetic and dynamic spaces. Furthermore, the building’s sculptural shape originates from the “Mobius Strip”. The sculptural shape provides the building a harmony relationship with the irregular direction of the existing streets, the sitting corner of the site, and the Chaoyang Park.

First Floor Plan

The continuous integrity and the smooth surface of the building express the topological corporate culture of the Phoenix Media. The elevation difference between the southern and northern internal spaces are able to provide quality of sunlight, ventilation and landscape view to the office towers, meanwhile avoiding glare and noises for the broadcasting room. In addition, the elevation difference also avoids blocking the sunshine to the residential building at the northern direction.


In addition, energy-saving and low-carbon concepts are also applied in the building design. Instead of setting drain pipe on the smooth surface, the rainwater will be collected by dropping naturally along the structural ribs into the collection tank which locates at the bottom of the building. After being filtered, the rain water will be recycled to water the artistic waterscape and irrigation for landscape. Other than the aesthetic value of the architectural shape, during Beijing’s windy winter time, the smooth surface and round shape also mitigate the severe street wind effects from high-rise buildings. Meanwhile, the shell also provides a climate buffer space for the functional spaces as an “Green Coat”.

Courtesy of BIAD UFo

The double layer exterior of the building can improve the comfort in the functional areas, and reduce the consumption of energy. Digital technology is applied to tailor the physical space of the exterior shell and the inside volume precisely in order to ensure the exact matches between seams. The cone-shaped shared space, which is 30 meters high, generates the chimney effect, which provides natural air ventilation to save energy during transitional seasons.

Cite: Jett, Megan. "In Progress: Phoenix International Media Center / BIAD UFo" 05 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <>


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    Don’t tell me they got inspiration from Donuts..
    oh globalization!! what’s next? buildings that look like french fries?

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    the building looks AMAZING and it doesn’t remind me of a donut at all. maybe that’s because i’m thin.

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    Just and just to make a shape they are willing to put the boxes inside it.. seriously, if the building is going to end up being box-like, why put up a facade as expensive as that?

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      I agree. In the end, the mesh is wrapping simple boxes that are the ones that contain the program. The structure is impressive and beautiful, but I do not find any reason to do that. Just skin?

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        I guess you´re talking about “architectual honesty” here? Where have you been for the last 50 years? Layer upon layer of constructional and symbolic value are the only substance of architecture today. Comments here are just a result of chinofobia and fear of the east, you wouldn´t comment like that to the Birdsnest or the Seattle Library, would you?

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    It´s a “skin disease” – and its spreading in the field of architects. Often the easy way out.
    Today there seems to be little time to consider real architecture; sense of place, of scale, of proportions, of form and function.

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      Real architecture? Your so called skin-disease has been around for long as man been constructing things. Look at every old building (starting from shed and beyond) and you’ll see there no medicine, or even a need for it. And btw, lots of buildings that are loved on this planet are out of proportions, scale and has little or no function.

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    I’m simply blown away…. It’s a marvel of our times.. And all the negative comments are just jealousy.. but for a reason – it’s not being made in the west and not by the westerners :) To build things like this it has to be China.. Sad to admit it :(

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    its really interesting! .. The structure is impressive and beautiful
    i wish to see more photos for the interior spaces.

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    Now this is INOVATION!

    Too expensive? Yes!, Is it needed? NO! But for the Chinese who has soo much money, and they want to show off, YES, it is very important for them to be unique!

    Look at all the new architecture of skyscrapers in Shanghai!

    This is Beijing 2012! Amazing!


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    Beauty in architecture is just like beauty on our body. How women dress up themselves and how men coating themselves with right and power are all just for attracting attention. In my opinion, the ‘architectural honesty’ is just one of the ways to pulling people’s eyeballs.

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