RG House / Estudio Arquitectura Hago

© Carlos Pesqueira Calvo

Architect: Estudio Arquitectura Hago
Location: ,
Quantity surveyor: Ángel Risco Ceniceros
Engineer: Estudio Sinergia
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 265,07 sqm
Photographs: Carlos Pesqueira Calvo, Estudio Arquitectura Hago

The main reason that unleashes any architectural proposal is the client. His needs and questions provide the project with direction and ideas that will be present within the space of the building.

Ground Floor

RG House was built in response to the needs of a large family. We had to consider the way in which this large family should live together in the yet to be defined space. The design contains a different common space (special and recognizable) as a complement of the rest of the modular units (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen), which complete the program of the house.

© Carlos Pesqueira Calvo

This common space (living room, dining room, etc) is located in the center of the plot, surrounded by the garden. The functional parts of the house can be found at the bottom of the plot. The rationality and modulation of the bedrooms contrast with the central space: a special place where outer and inner spaces are melted, and where the verticality is diluted by the shadow provided from a northern skylight.

© Carlos Pesqueira Calvo

The introverted nature of the house, due to its location in an industrial estate, inspires the clean shapes arising from the border walls. The aim of hiding the windows emphasizes the fusion of the central space with the surrounding garden, courtyard and pool.

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  • Portix

    the swiming pool doesn´t have sun light?

    • Zoheir AYAD

      you mean in this photo ? because the swimming pool is south oriented !

      • lordi

        south oriented …but confined between two walls N-S, the west one with a remarkable hight.looks like a canyon. only sunlight around 12:00

      • anavic

        lordi took those words right out of my mouth!
        yes it is south oriented, but light would only get to the “start” of the swiming pool due to those walls that surround it.
        The only thing that I can think of that would excuse that huge mistake is that it doesn’t even look like a playing pool anyway, the clients might actually be professional swimmers or people who really want to stay fit, who knows. However, that doesn’t appear to be specified on the text.

  • pushkin

    Great entry for zombie-proof house competition :-)

  • architect

    The architect is clearly a fan of Baeza’s work.
    But like someone said, “you can only imitate the inimitable”