Hidden Gems of Yemen

  • 30 Aug 2011
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is a country rich with history. Its cities are full of architectural monuments that are constructed with a craft that often goes overlooked. These cities merge seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, contextually complementing each other.

Al Hajjara is one such village that warrants a closer look. Built on the precipice of a mountain, the architecture clings to the sides of the cliffs. Multi-story buildings rise up out of the ground and step their way to the top. It is quite amazing given the fact that these buildings were constructed hundreds of years ago, and are still standing.

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Al Tawila is another such town that is located on the peripheries of a mountain. Situated on the edges of nearly depleted oil fields, its future remains uncertain. However, this gem of a town would garner any architectural enthusiasts’ attention.

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Finally, the capital Sana’a is another destination worthy of exploration. The history and culture within this Yemeni city are enough to keep any prospective tourist busy.  The propensity for multi-storied buildings with intricate masonry detailing has made the streets of Sana’a a dense labyrinth yet exciting to explore. The mild climate ensures that this city remains a year round destination.

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While this portion of the has experienced its fair share of negative exposure, its architecture, rich history, and culture are deserving of exploration.

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Photographs: Flickr user: CharlesFred, Ai@ce, Tom Vogler

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  • Adam Waltering

    It’s too bad you can’t find stuff like this in a more modern configuration. But, I suppose thats the charm of the ancient.

  • ethan

    How many Yemeni’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb ?

    Trick question – they don’t have electricity.