Busan Opera House Proposal / Peter Ruge Architekten

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Peter Ruge Architekten shared with us their entry for an international competition to design a new opera and theatre house in Busan, . The city of Busan has a specific geography consisting of mountain areas that connect directly to the Pacific Ocean, great nature, a high population density, and an urgent demand for public spaces to be used by the inhabitants. By taking advantage of these characteristics, they were able to develop the concept for their design. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Peter Ruge Architekten

The two new public spaces in the concept could get a new importance for the city of Busan. One facing west to the mountain and city side of Busan reserved for public performances and one viewing east to the ocean side to celebrate the ‘New Years Sunrise Festival’. Connecting the two places are the two main functions of the Opera House (opera and theatre)that are allocated to these plazas. In general, the reference to the history of Madang, a traditional open, urban space used for gathering, happenings and performances is the base for the design of it.

view from Mountain plaza

A thin skin, protecting the design from the sun and water, connects the two buildings, leaving a pathway open for the public in between. This supports Busan’s natural flow from mountain to the ocean, creating a nice harmony between urban space and architecture.

entrance hall

The new landmark of Busan’s Opera House reflects the natural and urban energies and connects it to the performing arts spaces of ‘Madangnoli’. At the Mountain Plaza and the Sunrise Plaza, an urban harmony is created with a folk performance played by ordinary people. The construction of the building is like a wave of sounds as an environmental friendly building reflecting Korea’s path to local sustainability.

Architects: Peter Ruge Architekten
Competition Team: Peter Ruge, Matthias Matschewski, Hyesook Ahn, Kayoko Uchiyama, Barbara Kubicka, Zubin Daboo
Location: Busan, Republic of Korea
Client: The Busan International Architectural Culture Festival Organizing Committee
Program: Opera and theatre building including landscape design
Status: Open international competition, 2011
Site Size: 34.928 sqm
GFA: 54.000 sqm











Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Busan Opera House Proposal / Peter Ruge Architekten" 18 Aug 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=161062>


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    It’s becoming comical how architecture presentations and ideas nowadays are degraded down to cheap visual stimulus like that hot and cold (blue and red) artificial color compositions in EVERY renders today (Luxigon i’m talking about you also), or fireworks, gas balloons and all the kitsch distractions, while architecture itself, original ideas and unique solving of design problems are put aside. Maybe spending more time on design itself and less on the style over matter tricks.

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        Mister de Broche from Luxigon, hehe, i was harsh maybe, bit i do respect your cgi work very much.

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        Not harsh at all, I do understand your point. I even agree.
        BTW we didn’t do these renderings. But a building competition is not a building and… well… the people they like gimmicks. It’s not that we’re not trying hard to avoid them. I’m an architect as well and believe it or not I’m not a great fan of renderings.

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      I believe their concept of ‘red and blue’ came from the Korean flag, representing combination of sun and ocean.

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    Well, it’s a whale who first swallowed one operahouse, than it swallowed a second one and it died…And now it lies decomposing and all that it’s left is his ribs…

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    I think there is a mistake in the titles? The house a few posts above is called the Doughnut House… I think this should be called the Doughnut House!

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    Loft curves together. Contour + Extrude commands in rhino. Although the building might be more informed than that, from it’s presentation documents, it doesn’t appear to be.

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    Oh god, I just can’t beleive it, how a professional like Peter Ruge can degrade to such a level – Peter Ruge how was one of the creators of amazing complex of nordic countries in Berlin. What a shame!

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    Encore un beau projet d’opera pour Busan. Bravo a l’equipe.
    Hocine Ali Benali architecte dplg

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    Wow. Someone did a couple of blobs in a Rhino tutorial then punched it out on a router.

    I look forward to a time when architects once again actually design buildings.

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    What a bunch of sour people… Being an architect is hard enough as it is without your lousy opinions!

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    Agree with Laura!
    And all these sour comments make me wonder, why do these people express their bitterness anonymously, instead of putting their fabulous work out on display and open for comments?!

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    The renders are very nice and I don’t have too much problem with the concept – colours grabbing attention have been around since the greek temples.

    My main concern here is the giant ribs spanning across the whole building. The final building will look considerably different as it will be extremely difficult to get the effect of transparency between the ribs without bracing laterally. There is an enormous challenge in attacking this piece of the project…good luck!

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    I agree with the fact that the colors a really distracting the guest view and nobody look at the real architecture, and the design after being really simple and boring might be the start for a real design.

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    It looks very organic and unique. I am not crazy about the red abd blue colors inside, however.

    ~ Bistra Spirieva

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