Pavilion in the Woods / Parque Humano

© Paul Rivera, ArchPhoto

Architects: Parque Humano / Jorge Covarrubias + Benjamín González Henze
Location: Valle de Bravo,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 80 sqm
Photographs: Paul Rivera, ArchPhoto

Pavilion in the Woods is a space that provides temporary shelter for retreat and meditation. It is related to the process of creating philosophical works, which may take as their subjects the nature of the environment in which the pavilion is itself sited.


The Pavilion is made in relation to architectural form as well as to the sculptural and visual senses. In the location, this pavilion is deliberately positioned on a large plot of land, following the path of an existing pine tree alley.

© Paul Rivera, ArchPhoto

The viewer on the inside is in constant flux according to the conditions of changing light and the position of the sun, which affects the reflection and transparency of the glass. Perception has no time span, and there is no acknowledgment of temporality, making the art experience pure.

East Elevation

The observer is conscious of being part of a present, palpable, located within a specific time and reality. For the concept of this project, we sought a higher unity between architecture and nature.

© Paul Rivera, ArchPhoto

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  • Dennis Moss Jnr

    “there is no acknowledgment of temporality”… yet the “observer is conscious of being part of a present, palpable, located within a specific time”

    You seem to contradict yourselves there.

    • Oscar Lopez

      I kind of have to agree with you but, don’t you think that the concept of “being” is independent to that which is happening in the environment that surrounds us? I know that the wording is a little contradicting but I think that makes for better discussion. When we are having an out-of-body experience it is similar to how it is worded. While we are in a constant flux of instances and moments, we can, when we are in a meditative state, observe ourselves observing. For instance, the eyes can see itself seeing. We can be both within space and time while space and time “happens” around us. Just my thoughts.

      • aw

        You two are exactly what’s wrong with architecture.

  • Oscar Lopez

    AW, how so? Can you explain what you’re trying to say?

  • Oscar Lopez

    AW, how so?

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  • up_today_arch

    good piece of architecture… a pearl…