Sustainability Scrutinized: Criticism Arises in Academic and Professional Discourses

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According to George Baird of Architectural Record, skepticism of sustainability is on the rise. Architectural historians, theorists, practicing architects and even construction lawyers and risk managers are warning designers about the risks associated with the “going green” ambition. Sustainability takes many forms.  From the recycling and reusing of materials to new technological innovations, “green design” can be humble: sourcing natural and passive solutions energy needs; and it can be extravagant: using customized and computer-enhanced systems that detect environmental conditions and respond accordingly to the building’s needs.

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Chicago construction lawyer and principal of the Alberti Group, Ujjval Vyas, spoke at a joint conference with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada in Vancouver about the trend of sustainability in architecture. He mentioned the increased risk of liability claims that emerge out of architects making claims for the environmental performance of their designs beyond their own professional expertise. Fundamentally, the criticism that Baird refers to concludes with a need to address sustainable architecture more rigorously, so that the actual performance of buildings live up to the expectations of architects and clients.

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Baird calls this the end of the initial phase of sustainable architectural development. He discusses three important ways in which we need to redouble our future efforts: “first, to ensure successful fulfillment of technically based environmental ambitions for our buildings; second, to be more rigorous with regard to our predictions of performance — especially parameters of performance that are only partly within our own professional control.”

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