Snellen Eye Chart Reinvented for Designers

  • 07 Aug 2011
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© Joel Pirela

Joel Pirela of Miami based studio Blue Ant Studio has ingeniously reinterpreted the traditional ophthalmology exam to suit the refined tastes of designers. More after the break.

© Jeff Dahl

The traditional shrinking letters of the Snellen chart have been replaced with silhouettes of shrinking modern chair designs such as the Eames’s Molded Plywood chair, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, and the Emeco Navy chair. Each section is delineated by a solid colored bar which compliments the black silhouettes. While not entirely comprehensive of all the modern mid century chairs, this piece of art will no doubt make a great addition to anyone who appreciates . Take a look at the full size image and see if you can identify all the designer chairs.

Photographs: Joel Pirela, Jeff Dahl

Cite: Winstanley, Tim. "Snellen Eye Chart Reinvented for Designers" 07 Aug 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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    I’m wondering what the translation is, I can’t seem to figure out any similarity with the eye-chart apart of the first appearance.
    The rest doesn’t seem very consistent: the colors used are not the same, the size of the colored bars not similar, the letters don’t seem to correspond with the chairs, etc.
    So I’m just wondering what is the relation with the eye-chart? Or is there something I missed? For now I’m looking at a bunch of cool silhouettes in a eye-chart alike arrangement, which is nice, but I’m wondering what the ingenious part is as mentioned.

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      There is no translation. The colours don’t need to be the same. The letters don’t need to correspond with the chairs. Yes, you’ve entirely missed it—there is nothing more to it than a take-off on an eye chart with designer chairs. It is ingenious. You, are not. :^)

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