Summerhouse Inside Out Hvaler / Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Oslo Norway
Location: Papper, Hvaler Islands,
Project Team: Reiulf D Ramstad, Anders Tjønneland
Site Area: 80 sqm
Project Year: 2004-2006
Construction year: 2005-2006
Photographs: , Oslo Norway, Kim Müller, Norway and Roberto Di Trani, Norway

The house is beautifully situated on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and the horizon, placed in the midst of an uncultivated landscape on a small peninsula. The design of the house allows a close interaction with the surrounding nature and the beautiful scenery. It provides a feeling of being outdoor when inside.

The small scale of the house together with the use of wooden materials that will gradually develop a grey patina allows the project to interact and fit in with the existing shape and natural colours of the surrounding landscape. At the same time the design contrast with the traditional building practise of the area.

Cite: "Summerhouse Inside Out Hvaler / Reiulf Ramstad Architects" 19 Mar 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • Deele

    The thing I have ever wanted, a house on top of the hill…
    But I think, there is too much glass, too transperent house, that’s bad for living, I think… Flat roof, I think, is not a best idea, but, whatever, nice and bright project!

  • http://none F.L.Right

    rembember F.L.Wright saying: you should never built on the top of the hill, because then you wil loose the hill! but this project looks nice, maybe because its not on the hilltop, more on some kind of dune? ;)
    once more wright was right…in any case

  • odris

    nice project… simple and bright concept

  • the big black & white zebra

    big hats off in a massive way – where geology, flora and climate come together. Open views, framed views, views masked and all sitting gently on rock.

    Great simplicty… I guess she’s a dancer, and it will suit her athletic largesse well using as it does the walls and floors for living, sleeping and eating…. strong.

  • Troy Lemieur

    Deele, please explain to me why alot of glass is bad for living, and why a flat roof is not the best idea. Flat roofs were a problem when FLWright was an architect, not now.

  • martynas

    perfect. I want it!

  • E.K.

    Quite romantic thing…

  • E.K.

    to Troy Lemieur: A lot of glass is not bad, but simply uncomfortable – first of all, because of insolation (imagine how terribly hot it can be in summer there?)And at second, one never can feel really relaxed, knowing that he is observed from every side (well, let’s say in exactly THIS project it hardly can be a problem, because the house is standing far from “civilization”)

    • MZ

      This house stands in Norway, where on the hottest sommer day might be 20°C, with a cool breeze, so you really don´t neeed to worry about overheating. You noticed the lack of neighbours yourself. Furthermore, so high up north in the dark months you are really greatful for every bit of sunlight that reaches you. Thats why no curtains, no shaders, only light.
      And why build a pitches roof, when you don´t need it, when there is no built context to fit in? It would unnecessarily make the house look higher and flat roof, tecnically is no problem any more.

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  • kc

    Nice project. I wish the floor was curvy in the bedroom in some places (above and below the current level) to lean on the wooden surface.

  • Partick Bateman

    a stunning, beautiful house.


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