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Synarchitects has shared with us their forward thinking design for Ningbo Digital in Ningbo, . A skew of images can be seen after the jump in addition to a brief description from the designers.

Courtesy Synarchitects

Subject of the competition was a publishing house for digital media. The building performs the following functions: It contains editorial departments of different web-based companies, the newspaper Ningbo Ri Bao, a national media platform and auxiliary areas of multi-function.

Courtesy Synarchitects

After different approaches to find the right answer we decided to build a solitaire reacting to the surrounding in its own way. The curve-shaped surfaces in the north-east and the south-west facing the new dense business areas neighboring the building site. It consists of a semi-transparent media-facade echoing the latest news. Main structure is given by two towers, connected to each other with bridges covering different functions.

Courtesy Synarchitects

The main idea in this concept was to express the power of the new media one can’t restrain. Even if we put our idea in a box it will find its way to express itself and outshine all others. Like a polished stone the hidden gem shines through the rough first impression and if the media facade of the Ningbo Digital building is being cultivated it gives an outclassing answer for the new Media Age.

Courtesy Synarchitects

Architect: Synarchitects
Location: Ningbo, China 315000
Name of Project: Ningbo Digital
Typology: Media House with different usage
Owner: Ningbo Ri Bao
GFA: 60000 sqm
Time: 2011 ongoing
State: design accepted

Cite: Jarz, Hank. "Ningbo Digital / Synarchitects" 24 Jul 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • Martin Hedin

    Well, it looks pretty

  • James

    Contemporary Chinese architecture will never be anything more than a cheap uninformed rip-off of Western architects like Zaha Hadid et al.

    Come on China, prove us wrong. We’d actually love you to, it’d be good for architecture in general.

    Stop ripping us off and create something of your own, if you’re capable.

    • ale gaddor

      China has nothing to prove about their architecture,,, they’re just using western recipes to amuse themselves,,, xxi century western architecture, it’s the architecture of toys and constructive loly pops.

      • James

        Anything built in China crumbles after less than a year.

        Not only can they not come up with their own ideas, they can’t even build the ones they rip off.

  • Chris

    I like the idea of it more than I like the final product. I want to like it, but it looks like a 3 dimensional iPad screen to me in the end.

  • Dave S.

    I think it has a great look and sense of proportion, but it’s worth noting how highly derivative it is of both Zaha Hadid Architects’ The Opus and OMA’s CCTV Building. I’d also like to see if they did much in section…it doesn’t appear so in the images available here.