BLC Headquarter Landmark / Hapsitus


based, Lebanese architect firm Hapsitus has presented us their work for the BLC Headquarter Landmark high rise design competition in Beirut. Follow after the break for more images of their winning proposal for this highly visible project.

Courtesy Hapsitus

BLC Bank Beirut began a new departure in 2007 with a different administration, an impetus that gave rise to rapid growth and imposed the need for a new headquarters. The competition design brief required a building that would be a landmark in the urban texture of Beirut.

Courtesy Hapsitus

The presence of the existing building at the corner of the site was an enigma. It occupied a key corner position of the site, and was required by the client to be incorporated within a new design. With the ‘landmark’ concept as a driving force, Hapsitus proposed a solution created by the cantilevering of a new structure above the existing structure to make an urban gate addressing the city.

Courtesy Hapsitus
Cite: Jarz, Hank. "BLC Headquarter Landmark / Hapsitus" 23 Jul 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Al

    …”landmark” concept as a driving force?

    Well… if you want real solid concept hire Rem Koolhas. If you wanna emotional phantasmagoria hire Lebbeus Woods.
    Or maybe they just want to confuse us with this… ummmm… weird geometry? :)

    • dave

      Hey look Al, your work is pretty pathetic, stop judging other people.

      • Al

        Hey look, “dave”… or whoever you are. Your funny frustration comes from 2 possible reasons.

        1.You don’t know the names I mention, you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. In that case I suggest you to read some books rather than browsing pic’s on Archdaily

        2. You are a poor author of these Lebanese “wonder”. I’m sorry about an obvious lack of taste & talent. But since you display it publicly I suggest you to learn the concept of the free expression… Every person has a right to present his/her opinion. You don’t like it? Sorry, it’s your problem.

        Bottom line: read and learn, “dave” :)

    • H-J

      Koolhaas, with two A’s…

      • Al

        My bad… Sorry.

        Does my misspelling of the tricky Dutch name makes this Lebanese “wonder” a better project?

        Or people who don’t spell properly on the internet have no right to express opinion? Just wondering … you know…

      • H-J

        Well, if you claim a certain architectural superiority in your responses, at least make sure you know how to write their names. Drawing Lebbeus Woods into the discussion is also quite hilarious since he doesn’t really build but makes very beautiful and inspiring drawings, and some installations now and then: You just respond to image without having the intellectual baggage to understand what architecture really is about, you know…

  • Mehran Davari

    I think this project is very rigid.
    However i like it!

  • Martin Hedin

    Exterior skin, staircase and some landscaping at the bottom. I guess that there is more too it, or is it?