This villa is located in plot #02 of the ORDOS project.

Architects: PRODUCTORA / Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime, Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia,
Collaborators: Karel Vancura, Diana León, Iván Villegas, Diego Escamilla
Design year: 2008
Construction year: 2009
Curator: Ai Weiwei, Beijing, China
Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, Inner Mongolia, China
Constructed Area: 1,000 sqm aprox

level 00 plan

As a starting point for our design a solid brick volume was cut up diagonally into different slices, creating a series of autonomous volumes with different sizes and characteristics. On the ground floor these strips are interconnected through wide passages, generating a complex multidirectional space in which all the day activities take place. Above this level the night activities are organized. Here the master bedroom, guestrooms or spaces for the workers find their own individual islands. Below ground level the dwelling guards his swimming pool, areas for massage, fitness and sauna in a triangular hypostyle hall only reached by daylight in its far most corner point. Towards the outside the building presents itself as a simple composition intersected by small strips of stepped topography.

The wooden window framing towards the south opens up the building towards its own protective walls, realizing a rather introvert and narcissistic composition. From different angles the building presents itself as a brick fortress, as a rhythm of separate elements or as a sequence of glazed surfaces.

Cite: Saieh, Nico. "ORDOS 100 #21: PRODUCTORA" 23 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=14875>
  • Bo

    Ну наконец-то родили хоть что-то архитектурное.
    ORDOS 100 #21: PRODUCTORA – at last something non-terrible. SFME(Sorry For My English) ^-^

  • Partick Bateman

    Individually a lot of these projects look great. its just a shame they are going into the Wimpy Homes masterplan of the Ordos project. Honestly, this place is going to look terrible.

  • Mary Hill

    I wouldn’t visit a Wimpey Homes estate, so why would I visit this?

  • Partick Bateman

    The grass isnt just greener on the other side of the fence in ORDOS… its probably purple.

  • Mary Hill


  • Paul ALLEN

    Hey Bateman, stop being such a duffus. Don’t you have to return some video tapes or something?

  • Partick Bateman

    paul, i have a slightly better haircut than you.

  • roadkill

    speaking of haircuts, I think mine is vaguely more interesting than 85% of the Ordos competition submissions.

  • bat out of hell

    This one is really bad!
    Out of the B side of 70′s postmodernism.
    I can’t belive guys like this get an invitation from H&deM….

  • Franco

    Are you kidding me?
    These ORDOS Projects seam to be a joke.

  • claude

    this is going beyond and reason!

  • cocteau


  • Efedz

    Productora is (or used to be) one of the most innovative offices in Mexico.. but… i just don’t know what happened to them here… is the most horrible project in ORDOS so far.. just look at the garage.. i just can’t imagine a young lady coming out of there… plus the bedrooms lack of any conection interior-exterior all you can see from a window is a big wall… and if you turn your head a little bit you can look at each others bathroom… a pool table in the middle of a corridor??? come on.. give me a break!!! same happens to the table…

    The worse part is that the whole house (the complete form) is not that interesting… it’s just a stabbed square… how come they dare to present something like this in such a mediated project???.

  • Efedz

    lol i hadn’t realizes there’s another table behind the stairs…. aweful… the garage is the biggest joke it’s a 1000,sqm house.. a wealthy person is going to buy it.. but all he can park is a car and a smart or a vochito… lol

    did you take a look at the beautiful double height view the living room has????

    i’m ashamed that an office like that is representing Mexico… nice to know they’re not the only ones though.

  • alejandro

    I totally agree with the last comment, moreover architects should emphasize space quality related to human habitation above anything else. Certain level of comfort, visual and thermal efficiencies as such should be a premise. (Filling up remnant space with tables is not an option) perhaps they need to go back to school, comprehend SCALE before anything else, so to be able to acknowledge if their project is pertinent or not.
    It´s sad to see that most of these young promising architecture firms involved in these huge project regard as the most important issue being ‘avant- garde’ making sculptural pieces instead of having actually some humane architecture.
    I love cities, apartment buildings, public transport and personally find the suburbs boring, not a bit avant-garde, a joke on sustainability, pointless.
    Architecture´s (and the art´s in a broader sense) greatest enemy is its search for conceptual abstraction above all, alienating it from the rest of the physical world including humanity. Abstraction, esthetics and reasonable habitation are neither opposed nor dissimilar. We need pertinence.

  • Anon

    It it weren’t for the title i’d thougt that this is some bad second year student project.

  • http://twitter.com/diegoego/status/8337467333 Diego E. Escamilla
  • jeremy

    this project has nce views. LOL