Dorobanti Tower, Bucharest / Zaha Hadid Architects

Dorobanti tower, a new project  by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest moves away from the works we  have been seen lately, with a very expressive structure. The 200m tall iconic tower will be located in the heart of the capital city of  , at junction of Calea Dorobanti and St. Mihail Eminescu, with over 100,000 sqm for mixed-use development which include a 5-star hotel (with restaurants and convention centre), luxury apartments and retail space at street level.

The chamfered diamond like structure  tapers from the centre towards the top and the bottom. The meandering structural mesh expresses the change of programs across the tower.

A good move by Zaha in my opinion.

More on the structure, from :

Concrete filled steel profiles follow in sinus waves from the ground level to the top of the tower, creating a distinctive identity and complementing the tower design. The concrete filling will give additional strength to the structure and it will provide fire protection to the steel profiles. The facade structure adjusts to the building programme and to the structural forces. At the bottom, the façade grid has denser amplitudes according to the structural requirements for a tower of this height, providing the required load bearing capacity and stiffness to the structure. At the technical and recreation levels, the structure condenses creating almost solid knots. Additionally, the secondary structure supports the main steel frames. It also gives the 200m tower a human scale as the grid of the secondary frame structure reflects the floor heights. Furthermore, the secondary structure could be utilized to support additional glass panels as a shading device.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Dorobanti Tower, Bucharest / Zaha Hadid Architects" 18 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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    in my oppinion they just recently started to do more realistic proposals, because of economical pressure; they finally want to actually build something

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    and what the hell is this?totally empy, here is no architecture in it, no art, no passion, no vision, just fashion. fake.

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    Seems like they only designed a facede, and even that’s ugly and pointless. Just another design straigt from experimental 3D modeling…
    Oh, and isn’t the concrete supposed to go around the steel in order to give it additional fire-resistance or does this work in both ways?

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      the facade design is interesting but would be totally disgusting in steel. I agree that concrete should cover the steel or create it obly from concrete. Steel would be only for the “fashion”? ugly.
      Besides the tower rises from nowhere,so close to the small buldings… without integrating the landscape, without any public open space.
      I would love to see another version of it, at least not to dissapoint people who like her work as I do. anyway, there’s no chance that this could be built now in Bucharest.

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    Architectural terrorism. But then again bucharest is used to this kind of thing.May i remind you all of the beautiful palace built by ceausescu…i think this one will top that.

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    By the looks of it, this ‘realistic’ proposal is still grossly difficult to build and extraordinarily tricky to draw.

    Every floorplate will be different and there is very little repetition in the facade modules, maybe one type for each level ?

    These are tough times, this kind of stuff is not gonna fly.

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    what a nice stocking-covered dildo, the structure is probably to enhance the stimulation while inserting.

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    Zaha stretched and tore her stockings one morning in preparation for her day at the office… EUREKA! A TOWER SKIN IDEA!

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    she deffinitely moved from past work, but in my opinion, this dosen’t really fit in the landscape. she’s like a machine

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    why? They usually do projects without any meaning. But at least they usually have a beautifull approach. But this has nothing. It is meaningless.

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    i also think they projects dont have any meaning. they are just ment to be different by any means. of course, i might be wrong.

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    It’s not only very ugly, it’s my opinion and we can discuss, but more than that, objectively a nonsens building, a new “fuckthecontext” one. How you know it’s Bucharest? Not a feeling, zero curiosity, supreme ignorence of genius locii… it’s a normal zaha hadid proposal, a shame.

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    zaha hadid is a LADY. it’s you don’t even know who she is or what she does. what are you even doing here?

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    i used to “watch” zaha hadid, i like her projects usually.. but this one just doesn’t fits the “reality” of bucharest and it looks so weird, unattractive.. i do not like it.

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    For the past 10 years she used to mix product design with architecture !!!, someone should tell her the difference … for architecture and god sake
    This shape could be good for anything except a building !!!

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    Well I think this is a nice object ( not necessary an architectural object). I can see in this article are presented only aerial perspectives. In that part of the Bucharest the streets are narrow, so any eye perspective of this very heigh building is a disaster. Context is denied here and the basic rules of the eye perspective are not used. This is an out of scale object for that site. Bucharest is not New York.

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