Materka House / T3arc

© Luis Gordoa

Architects: T3arc / Alfredo Cano Briceño
Location: , México
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 220 sqm
Photographs: Luis Gordoa

We built this house around a piano whose sound we had to contain. In an area of 220 sqm, we had to make sure that the pianist obtained right acoustic conditions in a space large enough to give recitals and group lessons. At the same time, the house had to protect the neighbors and the other residents of the house from the sound. We surrounded all edges of the site with tall stone walls. With concrete beams crossing them, we suspended all the second floor leaving the ground floor almost empty, isolating the piano.

© Luis Gordoa

In the middle of this space, under the master bedroom, is the living room where the piano takes center stage and, thanks to recycled wood floors and the stone porosity, the sound is properly absorbed. The house has two sunny bedrooms and a dark movie studio in the second floor. The house, wrapped in stone, opens to the sun all day; however, the house is denying all outside views. It achieves this by receiving sun light reflected off all the walls. It is a house that seems in constant motion by light.

Floor Plan
Cite: "Materka House / T3arc" 10 Jul 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 15 Sep 2014. <>


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    Beautiful building. Cant imagine it conforms to any enviromental/CO2 reduction targets though!

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    Nice explanation of how the design responded to the client’s needs. Clear and concise. If only this level of writing were more common in architecture.

    Is anyone else terrified by that staircase? With no railing, I think I’d get vertigo every time I stepped out of the bathroom.

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      yes that staircase seems a bit funky, I would definitely put a rail around there.
      Very cool house. Although indeed the staircase space is odd.

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    i simply can’t understand why people want open toilets… it’s so impractical and awkward

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    the desing it’s amazing. i can believe the excelent space of the piano studio!!

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    I think it is a house for a young person to rent for a few years, not for somebody to live in all their lives. Imagine that detailing as a person ages, or not being able to see out from your house from the day you move in until the day you die! The sky and the play of light and shadow is beautiful, but someday they will want to see their surroundings and other people too!

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