Half of small architecture firms are short of work

We just saw this link on VariousArchitect´s Twitter, and thought it might interest you. Small architectural practices are bearing the brunt of the recession with 47% saying they do not have enough work, new research reveals.

The first set of results from the RIBA’s new Future Trends Survey – carried out in January – showed a marked difference between the fortunes of small and large practices with only 17% of the latter reporting they are under-employed.

More information on the original article, here.

(Photo via brewbooks Flickr)

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Half of small architecture firms are short of work" 18 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=14713>
  • http://www.batessmart.com.au/pages/index.html Zobby

    Well the difference between large practices and small ones is that in large practice you can be made redundant much more easily by any capricious boss. He has a pretext, an excuse.

    Bates Smart Sydney just fired in the end of last semester senior architects, directors and associates. A dramatic reduction of 1/3.
    It’s not only a question of shortage of work, it is political.