House in Kitabatake / NRM-Architects Office

© Eiji Tomita

Architects: NRM-Architects Office -  Shunichiro Ninomiya + Tomoko Morodome
Location: ,
Project area: 170 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Eiji Tomita

© Eiji Tomita

House with in-home office constructed in Osaka. The lot is flag-shaped, adjacent to the road at west side and beside to the neighbors on the east and the south. The north neighbor is built at about 5meter lower site which is one of the big factor while planning this house.

© Eiji Tomita

First about lighting; we could not plan a lot of windows at its east and south side due to privacy sake, because the neighbors are at those two sides. And we could not put them at west side either, due to the afternoon sun. On those conditions, we built the big white wall at its west side while reflecting the lights from east and south at its inside to the rooms. This white wall is also the biggest factor at the facade.

first floor plan

And we planed to put the wide windows at the north side where we expected a broad view of Osaka; you can see that from its 3rd and upper floor.

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  • David

    Yes it’s true we are pretenious in our white windowless box that cost big bucks. You can’t see us…ha ha ha. But we can watch you whenever we feel like it from our little peep hole waaaay up there.

    • ariana roberts

      love your comment. i think some parts of this “house” just needs to be redesigned.

  • bruce

    Lovely! If a client wants privacy, a common issue in Japanese urban environs, providing beautifully proportioned and detailed architecture to their neighborhood should be gratefully appreciated.

  • majchers

    Love the house. Very airy approach. Some details (bathroom?) need a bit more attention I guess…