AD Interviews: Sou Fujimoto

A while ago I had the chance to meet one of the architects whose work I highly admire: Sou Fujimoto.

This Japanese architect based in Tokyo, Japan, established his firm Sou Fujimoto Architects back in 2000. He graduated from the Department of Architecture at the University of Tokyo in 1994, and has been a lecturer at Kyoto University since 2007. With a solid history in residential and cultural projects this firm has consistently shown a unique and innovative play of spatial qualities within its building designs, pushing the limits of housing and space conventions.

He defines his architecture under the concept of Primitive Future (as seen on his book), better described by himself as “a sort of primitive situation that relates to the human cave habitation but at the same time creating something new for the future”. This explains very well his works, specially in his recently completed library and museum for the Mushashino Art University. On our article you can watch a video of Sou explaining the challenges of designing a library on the information age.

You can check other works by recently featured on ArchDaily:

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  • Alvin Ng

    Nice! Great architect! I love it when he said creating architecture is a repetition and new innovative idea is needed to break the repetition!

    Also his point about architecture is like a forest! This is very interesting, cause this idea is bringing us back to “A Thousand Plateaus” – the rhizome theory, but in a bigger picture! This is where Internet comes across with architecture. New age of information finally let all things in the forest connected and creating even more possibility. Cultural Cross Breed is happen! Repetition of history create culture, but now all culture can be review by different culture, through such cross breed between different culture, a new age of architecture has began!

  • Fixr

    Lots of respect for this architect´s works!