Ningbo Historic Museum / Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio


In Iwan Baan‘s website, we found one of the latest works he photographed, the Ningbo Historic Museum designed by Wang Shu, .

An amazing stone work, more pictures after the break:

Cite: "Ningbo Historic Museum / Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio" 22 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • majchers

    Amazing and very brave. I love the use of various finishes on elevations. Great project. Very appealing.

  • idot


    A tomb with many coffins?

  • meeftah

    well done!

  • yes

    incredibly beautiful and inspiring project

  • addman

    i like it :)

  • epi

    massive building – but i like the breaks on the facade – and the different stone-layout

  • Phil

    Where is this beautiful building? I’m moving to Ningbo soon and I’ve searched all over the internet in English and Chinese for the address, but to no avail. Please someone tell me where it is.

  • goblock

    Its prefect matching the local material and culture….just like it….
    By the way, Hey, Moving Cities, do u know where can get the MARK Magazine in China? if u know that pls sent the address in my mail Cheers!

  • kBc from Botswana

    Great piece!!!It actually tells what it is from outside!!!it have that historic feel to it and its a HISTORIC museum!!!!!!!
    ey um working on designing a historic museum n need plans and sections of this.If any1 knows any thing that could help,send it through please….

  • Al

    There is something wrong with it. Maybe looks like some ancient ruins but maybe like some worthless garbage. It may therefore be beautiful or really ugly. It’s somehow questinable.

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  • Tosh

    Looks like a very beautiful pile of rubbish :)

  • Ben


    • Monda

      there are millions of gray brick everywhere,
      by recycle of those housing being replaced.

  • KK

    Would be 1000% better if it includes some green creeping up the facade…

    that will pull itself away from the Zumthor stony look…

  • Chenxi

    he is my favorite chinese educated architect.

  • ioana

    absoluteley stunning, a modern day wonder

  • chase

    love it. Finally something original and not just fluff.
    I like the fact that they didn’t go the way of the typical Chinese look. Pagodas are nice and all but not all architecture in China needs to be inspired by it. China is modernizing and it’s new architecture will reflect that. I find that it is usually us westerners that have a problem every time an Asian country does something that goes contradictory to the stereotypes that we have of them. As if they must keep building traditional Chinese building just to make us happy.

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  • _gb—
  • JD Carling

    I keep coming back to view this project.
    SUBLIME, for me anyways!

  • nozhan

    very nice.
    I am from IRAN.
    China, like IRAN is an old Country with very old history.
    In this place you can see the Ceramic map that arrive to my dear IRAN, Siraf port (oldest port of IRAN) Rey city (Now capital city of IRAN), Nishaboor city, Mina Port in south.
    You can see 2 IRANI men that chinis people are coprating with him.GOOD.I Love china too.
    Just you should put some one there who could speak Eng and now the history to help us and the Taxi was my problem.
    So best always my dears

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  • corto


  • Adel

    exteremly nice.really historic and modern!

  • rubi

    i went there, just love it ,even though reusing old material is not a new idea,the building looks great

  • Citiarc

    Wang Shu is not a zen monk but a local hero, he is fighting a tough war in China – ground zero. Architecture is beyond aesthetic issues. Read more about him. He offers hope to the world. I hope he has ur support.