Video: OMA Lecture “Three in One”

We invite you to watch an intriguing lecture Rem Koolhaas recently gave at the Berlage Institute. The lecture covers three interrelated topics: the growth of Preservation, and its blind spots; architecture and democracy; and the ongoing development of the office itself. The has become extremely popular since it was posted 3 days ago on ’s vimeo channel (more views in the first 24 hours than any other of their videos). Check it out.

Cite: Henry, Christopher. "Video: OMA Lecture “Three in One”" 20 Jun 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • Oly

    What a terrible presentation of one THE big named architects of the world.


  • Zetre

    Oly: Care to elaborate? I found it to be an interesting lecture on the changing framework we as architects work within.

  • euphemus

    I think its astonishing how he desperately tries to deconstruct his fame – even by taking a modest role in bureaucratic envisioning of Europe 2030 and by giving the transparent numbers of recent failures. I dont want to be racist or anything, the real truth shows at the end of the video – the room is full of young diligent asian students, who hardly understand this european mess! Changing framework, very true.

  • Edinburgh

    This video is really quite mind blowing. Whatever criticisms one can hurl at Rem for his buildings or his business strategy, in this he seems like a prophet of the future. Agree or disagree, he certainly is a genius