Volume 27: Aging

I never can get enough of Volume. This issue is loaded with provocative articles that stimulate discussion about a pressing reality, the dramatic demographic shift in the age of human populations. Throughout this issue there are articles like Martti Kalliala’s that push the boundaries of the discussion. Looking at the rapid increases in average life expectancy, Kalliala’s asks what the world will be like if we could live to a thousand? These types of articles are supplemented by exposés into existing and proposed retirement communities and nursing homes. This, as always does, gives a nice balance to the intellectual inquiry and practical application.


2 Editorial / Arjen Oosterman
4 The Longevity Revolution and Other Tales of Aging / Deane Simpson
6 An Age-old Problem / Timothy Moore
8 Pyramids / Martti Kalliala
12 Mediating the Brief / Erhard An-He Kinzelbach
14 Nursing Home Hainburg / Architecture Christian + Erhard An-He Kinzelbach

18 A Manifesto for New Aging / Matthias Hollwich
19 An Architect in the Gray Zone / Matthias Hollwich interview
24 The Coming of Age / AA Bronson interview
28 Aging in Place – New York’s Captive Population / C-Lab

42 Counting Stoops / Michael Gusmano interview
45 In the Long Run – Design Thinking in Finland / Bryan Boyer
48 Outside Our Comfort Zone / Indy Johar
49 Trust – Part One: Trust, Design and Aging (Insert)

89 Cities as Software / Marcus Westbury
92 Design Age / Jeremy Myserson interview
95 Merging Old and New / Paul Meurs interview
98 Hibernation / Sander van Wettum
110 One Billion AD / Geoff Manaugh
114 Bio-technical Arrangements of the Aged Body / Deane Simpson
116 The Persistence of the Iranian Bazaar / Azadeh Mashayekhi and Negar Sanaan Bensi
124 The Villages of Florida / Deane Simpson

138 Wheels / Deane Simpson

144 Reconstruction: Dream or Trauma / Joos van den Dool
150 Construction Materials Lifespan in Years / AMO

152 Stealth Care / Arons & Gelauff interview
155 Care Cluster and Senior Housing / Architecture Manuel Ocaña

162 Housing for Elderly People Alcácer do Sal / Architecture Aires Mateus
167 Turn-key Home/Two in One, Puttershoek / Katarina Seda
174 It’s Too Late! / Supersudaca
184 Colophon
184 Corrections/Additions

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  • John Smith

    this looks like a good read were can i buy this
    i cant find it on amazon :(

  • Tim

    A very relevant subject with an excellent source. Our society is in denial about aging and ultimately death. The search to prolong the inevitable. However, intergenerational communities are growing in response to this increasing need as a viable alternative to the extraneous aging facility.