Edge Condition Pavilion / Synecdoche

© Courtesy of

Architects: Synecdoche / Lisa Sauve, Adam Smith
Location: Atlanta, , USA
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Synecdoche

Utilizing a by-product material as a means of invoking the temporary pavilion with a temporary material wood edges cut from hardwood boards give a standardized object to build upon creating a field in which to inhabit. By operating on the edge of definitive material, neither board nor wood chip, the wood edge becomes the temporal object between two phases.

© Courtesy of Synecdoche

In the same light the pavilion offers the capacity to be an edge condition of construction. The methodical mode of stacking and maneuvering the edges is in itself on the edge of a mode of construction. The flat stacking method gives way to opportunities for expansion and contraction of the volume between the material. The variable of stacking techniques allow for light to move into the pavilion only through the spaces between the edges transforming the edge condition into an ephemeral effect.

Section B

The standardized one inch thick wood edge and weight of the hardwood compress the stack into a inhabitable nest stabilized by its dimension and assembly. While dis-assembly is the reverse operation, the disposal of the material is a process of returning the wood edges to the hardwood mill as to reenter the recycling process that would otherwise take place.

© Courtesy of Synecdoche

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  • FN ArchiSpeak

    to sum up: a stack of off-cuts.

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  • Stephen Guan

    You should have a look at the British Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo…

    • joshua

      Oh, I’m sure they LOOKED at it. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as it went…

  • Stephen Guan

    You should take a look at the British Pavilion at Shanghai Expo…

  • Stephen Guan

    And what’s this for? They want it to be a landmark?
    What if the wind comes?

  • Stephen Guan

    When we were children, we usually played like that. Not that big, of course.

  • James B

    a lot of sticks, a whole lot of hot air.

  • Rodney Jackson

    Original concept is from two people but not these two. There is something fishy here. You can’t just add your name to other peoples work. One of these two designers is the real slim shady. Please stand up. This is not BC, just someone who knows what is really going on.