Reveal: Studio Gang Architects / Jeanne Gang

We recently received the book Reveal: . This monograph takes an in-depth look at several of firm’s extraordinary projects. Archdaily has featured many of the same projects, but our pieces are mere shadows of what is presented in this book. If you enjoyed the glimpses on our website you will love this book. It is rare that I find a monograph that goes into such great depth. Beside the standard plan, section and photographs, each project is accompanied by notes, research, sketches, histories, philosophies, and more. This allows for a much more rewarding conversation than the standard glossy monograph. By the end of each chapter you can easily understand why each design decision was made and how meticulous this studio is. The Aqua Tower, for example, without any additional knowledge holds its own amongst the architecturally cherished Chicago skyline; however, after you read about the design process behind it the tower becomes that much more wonderful. I highly recommend this book.

P.S.: You can watch our interview with Jeanne Gang.

11 Introduction
14 Foreword: The Visible and the Tangible by Mohsen Mostafavi
20 Essay: Reveal by Jeanne Gang


30 Ford Calumet Environmental Center

35 Best Nest
50 Sheet Glass
54 Interview 6:00 AM May 1
62 Ford Calumet Industrial Landscape
69 History the Calumet Area
72 Material Report Swords

96 Maisonette

102 Marble Curtain

106 How to Make a Marble Curtain

134 History Smeaton’s Tower

138 Material Report Glue

140 Aqua

145 Topographic Tower

162 Interview Jim Loewenberg on Aqua

167 Engineering Aqua

170 History A Life of Hard Times

174 Material Report Maps

180 SOS Children’s Villages

185 Architecture Desert

202 History What’s Up on the Second Floor?
208 Tales of the Trade

210 Material Report Concrete
212 Interview Design for Community

214 Blue Wall Center
219 Magnify
222 History Unsolved Mountain Mysteries
225 Material Report The Tree

226 Brick Weave House

231 Cut-Away, Weave-In
238 History Modern Mismatch
242 Material Report Compressed Earth Blocks

246 Hyderabad Tellapur O2

254 Making is Thinking
260 Idea & Material
262 Project Contributors
263 Image Credits, Acknowledgements & Colophon

Creative Direction & Design, Elizabeth Azen, EA Projects, Brooklyn, NY
paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press (March 23, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1568989938
ISBN-13: 978-1568989938

Cite: Henry, Christopher. "Reveal: Studio Gang Architects / Jeanne Gang" 31 May 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Nick

    Just got this book as a gift… amazing!

    The truely rich stages of a projects conception and design are usually the ones never displayed or whitnessed, and for Studio Gang to publish and celebrate theirs is a wonderful thing.

  • Markus

    I’ll definitely be picking up a copy of this – Can anyone else recommend similar publications?

  • Sagar Chowdhury

    I agree. I got this book a few days ago and it is definitely quite an insight into the way the practice works. I just wish I could see more firms would allow as much time to background research as these guys seem to!

  • David Basulto

    I highly recommend that you check out our interview with Jeanne, to learn more about Studio Gang: