Apartment Building In Brünnen / kit

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kit architects recently finished the design for an apartment building in Brünnen, the city of in with a very unique master plan scheme resembling a honeycomb structure.

apartment organization

The only site constraints given by the masterplan to refer to are the boundaries of the plot, the predefined building lines and an existing  square. Therefore the project is developed out of an internal logic. The approach for the spatial concept is the analogy of wasps’nest. The modularity of the honeycomb structure creates an internal flexibility which is externally well adjustable to the building regulations. Due to economical and ecological reasons the building shape is compact, cubical and stringent. As antipol the courtyard with its articulated facade is playful and imitating a picture of town houses.

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The different apartment types are all based on pentagons which to be furnished properly have two right angles. Entrance hall, living-room and dining room are linked through sliding doors creating a spatial sequence between the inner and outer world of the building.

© kit

Architects: kit
Location: Brünnen, Switzerland
Project team: Andreas Schelling, Roman Loretan, Gianet Traxler, Rico Traxler, Andreas Fankhauser
Renders: kit

Cite: Rosenberg, Andrew. "Apartment Building In Brünnen / kit" 03 Jun 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=138771>
  • Lukas

    This is some bold designing. One would think that hexagons and pentagons are not so great for a flat but the designers pull it off perfectly. I love how the they don’t depart from their thought through the whole design.

    ‘wasp nest analogy’? Not the honecomb analogy? Why write something like that anyway?

    More importantly this rises a question can we really make identical module (or 1/2 and 1/3) to fit all – hall is the same as living room and bedroom. And sometimes a kitchen or a bathroom lacks any windows because it is better geometrically. Functionally it suffers I guess.

  • paj

    And in the end it looks like the old houses build in the 70s in Germany. Now they look disgusting, nobody wants to live there. A house without soul.