Can Joan Jaume / TEd’A arquitectes


Architects: TEd’A arquitectes
Location: , Spain
Project year: 2004 – 2010
Photographs: TEd’A arquitectes


When one strolls for this neighborhood he notices the opacity of the houses constructed here. They are stony, with a rocky feeling, tough constructions, hard, opaque, closed to the street. Rough walls, splashed of tiny openings. Almost impassable walls. Of this early reading, the first will of the project becomes detached: sustaining the opacity of this new building towards the street.

© TEd’A arquitectes

The wonderful sights that the plot has towards the west have been another starting point for this project. Sights and views that are not meant to be missed. The site as a watchtower, from where the sight can be lengthened much further than the horizon. So the strategy is served: the house does not want to look at the street, wants to look at the landscape.

© TEd’A arquitectes

The building characterizes itself as a frame, as a shell, and is descripted by a concrete box, with one side totally open, but a jealousy of vertical pieces of sandstone will protect for us of the sun. Towards the street the openings will be scarce, towards the sights there will not be obstacles. So it is portrayed as a simple, opaque, strong and geometrically clear volume.

plan 01

In contrast with the outer simplicity, the inside becomes complex, unfold, luminous, open and clear. The structure, as it happens in the home-palaces of Mallorca -copies of the ancient palaces of the Florentine merchants-, is dominated by a central courtyard, of square projection. This courtyard is open to the sky and to the external views. The house turns around this courtyard and on it. This courtyard is sculpted in the blind volume that we described at the beginning. It is a courtyard splashed by the light. We find hanging gardens. A big porch accompanies our arrival. The inside is sculpted. The entries of natural light are determined. The different visions multiply. The space expands until the nine meters of total height. Unexpected entries of light. Cut perceptions of the courtyard. Visions in diagonal. The space gives to the whole building a fantastic character -of fantasy-, imaginary, something unexpected, that arrives like a surprise.

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  • Adam

    Wow, this is a complicated little house. Lots of surprises. Nice work!