Long Island Cinema Competition / Afsarmanesh Architects


Afsarmanesh Architects has recently won the suckerPUNCH Long Island Cinema Competition with their unique design process and approach of the theoretical. Further images and a brief breakdown of their design process can be viewed after the break. Additionally, you find a brief interview of the architects at their winning entry domain on suckerPUNCH.

Courtesy Afsarmanesh Architects


One, who enters, makes a picture of himself on a movie, and these two images are merged to the background of Manhattan.

Courtesy Afsarmanesh Architects


3 frames are located toward the river facing Manhattan respectively, the first frame is of a great screen reflecting the faces of people entering the site with hologram live projectors, as Andy Warhol once said: “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

The second frame is a screen for the outdoor amphitheater, with the seats located on the roofs of the lower indoor space.
The third frame is a void looking to the horizon line of Manhattan.

Courtesy Afsarmanesh Architects


The circulation is formed in a three turn spiral. The theaters are located in the spiral. And the theaters are connected to each others in corners by large escalators which provide changing views to Manhattan and the surrounding. These three turns create three huge screens which lead to cohesive combination of indoor and outdoor spaces of Manhattan.

When a movie is on the second screen the first frame reflect the faces of people watching the movie or entering the site, the intersection of these two images present a live performance both for people watching Manhattan from the site and watching the site from Manhattan.

Courtesy Afsarmanesh Architects

Principle Architects: Madjid Montazeri, Ali Afsarmanesh
Partner Architects: Ehsan Hassanpour Lima, Lila Tadaioni
3D Rendering: Saeid Fahmipour

Cite: Jarz, Hank. "Long Island Cinema Competition / Afsarmanesh Architects" 23 May 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=136819>
  • Xi Liu


  • Robb

    Rubish. No structure, no detail , no sense. Flashy amateurish photoshop renders.

  • vahid Rafie

    Very nice work so that I’ll feel in this space

  • Bob

    interesting!…new Ideas often face the resistance of public and mediocre minds at first, I guess this one is not an exception!

  • nino archi

    this father and son are great . nice work

  • USCTrojan90

    Xi Lhu and Rob you couldnt be more correct. This is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but it appears chaotic, the renderings im sorry are horrible (any person with a degree from a good university within the past 8 years could blow this out the water.) I believe the concept diagrams do more justice then the renderings, which should not be the case. Maybe make an actual physical model.

    secondly, to be from long island myself, I would love for their to be an attempt at good innovative designs. While this does look different, it doesnt look good.

  • Bob

    as I said the concept is interesting and I don’t know why everyone are picking on the renders. I don’t think that USC or any other “good university” would do anyone good if he can’t find the simple straightforward concept behind a chaotic appearance!

  • Liam McRoberts

    just more abstract monumentality. hideous.

  • Liam McRoberts

    btw Robb your right

  • USCTrojan90

    Bob when I said the concept diagram did more justice then the renderings, I was implying that the “good” in the project could be seen via the diagrams. However, that being said, good architecture takes a lot more then a good concept diagram. Im sorry, there is no physical model so the renderings are the only thing we can go off of to find out what the final product will look like, and those renderings are horrendous. They probably made that interior orange rendering so distracting to hide the true qualities of the interior space.

    furthermore, I am not just basing it off the quality of the renderings, ill admit that could just be personal taste…but the overall formal and spatial feel you get from them does not seem to be working.

    oh and Liam, monumentality is not all that bad, check out bigs stuff…now that is good architecture

  • http://www.archacademy.net mrz


  • Amirhossein rezaei

    This is very Interesting…people are Participate in architecture…Actually Any one of them play a role and become a Part of the architecture and They are not only user…and , this is very Interesting.