“Angels’ Dance” – XXI Century Theater in the former Sant’ Anna’s Church / Silva & Roth Architects

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The XXI Century Theater which is located in the former Sant’ Anna’s Church in , is a choreographed spatial strategy that begins with the translation of words into actions, and is followed by the manifestation of actions into spaces.  Silva & Roth Architects developed the “Angels’ Dance” through the notions of actions and motion, spontaneous behaviors and the architectonic space.

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The challenges posed by Silva & Roth Architects was the intention to control and define the actions and behaviors allowed by a space through its intrinsic intentions.  The actions, once defined by motion, become an unfinished, unbound event that is in a state of suspension as it constantly has the potential of happening.  Spontaneous behaviors of patrons and audience members become part of the dance as they each enter the role of the participant in the performance.  The intuitive and unpredictable movements of each person through the space developed by Silva & Roth Architects redefine the dynamic experience of the space for everyone.

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The architectonic space of the building acquires a fourth dimension from the social implications of movement, allowing new relationships to develop between the performance and its protagonists.  The element of time becomes a crucial component that changes the social experience of the space from moment to moment.

Architects: Silva & Roth Architects
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Project team: Lia Silva, Davide Roth
Project: “Angels’ Dance” – XXI Century Theater in the former Sant’ Anna’s Church – Prague
Seats: 207
Project year: 2011

Cite: Vinnitskaya, Irina. "“Angels’ Dance” – XXI Century Theater in the former Sant’ Anna’s Church / Silva & Roth Architects" 16 May 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=134783>
  • Steve

    XXI Century Theater? It looks like it was taken out of an 80′s horror movie. lol

    • Lucas

      Jesus f*cking Christ! Forget the movies, the theater itself creeps me out. In one word: Tasteless.

  • Emiel

    The fact that these maginal works of architecture are produced doesn´t disturb me as much as that fact that they actually get published at ´the world´s most visited architecture website´.

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  • renderman

    I find it interesting as the concept project is it.

    I think that if Archdaily’s staff has published this project, maybe there’s something interesting that you all don’t understand.

    I don’t think that this site has to publish only archistar’s works or only competition’s winner project. As a global resource it is accessible to all and everyone could propose their works to be published.

  • matof

    Church in the Soviet Union also altered in cinemas in 1917

  • Natasha

    are there any pictures of the final outcome of the transformation of this church into a theatre?
    it’s a very interesting project in my opinion, the concept seems interesting to allow actors and spectators to interact with one another.