Toshiba Milano Salone / Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane

© Daici Ano

Architects: Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane
Location: Milan,
Project area: 534 sqm
Project year: 2010 – 2011
Photographs: Francesco Niki Takehiko, Daici Ano

© Francesco Niki Takehiko

This project was initiated by Toshiba, a corporate citizen of planet Earth, wanting to create a light installation featuring lights at Milano Salone 2011, the world’s largest design trade fair. Since its commercialization of the incandescent light bulb in 1890, Toshiba has continued to contribute to the development of lighting culture through its cutting-edge technology, consistent innovation and passion for light. The company entered the European market in 2010. It is committed to the development and creation of innovative next-generation products that are based on the understanding of the unique cultures and diverse values of different countries and regions, in harmony with people and environment.

© Daici Ano

DGT was Toshiba’s partner for their light installation for Milano Salone 2011. The installation venue took place in Cortile di Via Savon, in a context that was built over a century ago. In the ruins of a building that has been a witness to the history of Milano. It was only after gaining a thorough understanding of the building that DGT considered how this site could be imbued with greater values through intersecting creativity and technology into a unique experience of light. The project composed 3 specific experiences of “Light”.

drawings 01

APPROACH – A seamless white tunnel, an entrance to the installation. The single line of 5mm gap light stretching along the ceiling is reflected onto the stream of water on the floor to become yet another line of light. COURTYARD – The constant ripples created on the water’ s surface are illuminated by the sun during the day, and by LEDs at night. The ripples are then reflected on a single wall that has survived over 100 years. The shimmering, swaying body of water imbues the remaining wall with moments of light.

© Francesco Niki Takehiko

INSIDE – A fantastical space made by the wall of light in which multiple layers of water are constantly transformed as a result of countless lighting particles. This installation explores the possibilities of LED in conveying emotional resonance. The installation was experienced by over than 30 000 visitors and attracted the attention of international media and press.

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  • tDA

    I wish i could have experienced it in person.

  • Johan

    Looks great, its too bad their technical drawings looks awful. I really wanted to see a clearly picture of how this works . I can’t see anything clearly, the line weights are awful and the size dimension.

    • Poulin Giroux Alexandre

      I agree. We cant give a review without true images.

  • Greg Allegretti

    Here is the fuzzy gray edge between art and architecture. Given the commercial motivation of the sponsor though, this must be architecture.

  • Tim


    Toshiba is a “corporate citizen” of planet Earth?!!

    Give me a freaking break. What kind of bu-t kissing corporate line is that?

    Corporations aren’t citizens, and if they were they’d be in psychiatric institutions being treated for serious personality disorders.