Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Herzog & de Meuron by Iwan Baan

Architecture photographer Iwan Baan just shared with us a photo set of the latest Herzog & de Meuron building in , the Espacio de las Artes at Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Another H&dM building for , after the Caixa Forum (Madrid) and the Forum building (Barcelona).

With over 20,622 sqm, the building includes a public library, a contemporary art museum, the Photography Centre of the Tenerife Island, a store, a cafe/restaurant and several public use spaces for the community.

The building is a long volume intersected by a ramp that generates a triangular plaza. Along the facade, over 1,200 openings in 720 different shapes filter the natural light to the inside, while generating an amazing view during night.

During the opening, Jaques Herzog said that this building will change the image of Tenerife, and along with the Calatrava auditorium will turn the city into a cultural focus.

And now, the photographs by Iwan Baan:

Cite: Saieh, Nico. "Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Herzog & de Meuron by Iwan Baan" 06 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=13237>
  • Artem

    эстетично ! но брутально и серо (где веревка и мыло) :)

  • Stefan

    I’m speachless.. It’s really fantastic! Great job! Congrats again H&dM

  • casper

    just beautiful

  • yan

    The most exciting images of a public building I’v ever seen. Awesome spatial experience!
    H&dM are the shiznit…

  • http://www.rypat.com rypat

    well done H&dM.
    and congrats to Iwan Baan, for such phenomenal photographs.

  • Pausanias

    This is so boring. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this project. It’s so damn beautiful. Could you post more pictures so that we can find its flaws?…

  • dennis

    wtf?!? …those walls look like they’re 2ft thick of solid concrete… i wonder how many cu yds of concrete it adds up to?

    • Fran

      they’re only 30cm (1ft) wide, in canary islands walls don’t need insulation inside, so its just the structural thickness needed.. that may help. ;)

  • http://www.dagensdesign.dk Erling

    I digg the graphic concrete walls. Nice job.

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  • Wyatt O’Day

    This firm is just way too good. Amazing project

  • roadkill


  • Ala

    The punctured concrete wall is really great. The rough texture choice is very fantastic.

    Dear ArchDaily, could you please post some drawings? Especially concrete wall section detail would be great.

    H&dM did almost the same structure in the La Ciudad del Flamenco, Spain. I am wondering the concrete wall is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete without any iron bars.

    Does anyone know about the construction of the wall?

    Special Thanks, ArchDaily, for creating this website.

  • http://www.odris.blogspot.com odris

    amazing project

  • simon

    the best feature of this proyect is the natural lighting through fiber optic to the cristals

  • avila

    Ok, as always in Herzog et De Meuron’s work the inner spaces, the details and the architectural path are great but this building is only conceived in 2D!
    What about the urban insertion of his huge grey barren roof that all the city is bound to see. The pictures showing the urban insertion from other buildings of the city are appaling. It’s a shame in such beautiful city. Does anybody sees that?

  • http://www.archdaily.com David Basulto

    For those asking for drawings:

    I have contacted HdM office several times to ask them for projects to feature on AD, and they always say that HdM doesn’t want to publish their projects on the Internet.


    Thank god we have Iwan :)

  • El emilior

    I agree with Avila. I´m not spanish but it`s a inappropiated building for this city. It seem like an ugly stone. And the roof..what happened??. If there is an awful thing in architecture, that`s walking along a wall….great contribuition for the city!!!!.

  • arq00

    The project is incredible as so is the wall BUT, I find it too jail-like. The walls toward the street look depressing for city. It´s a grat project, but it looks like it should me in the dessert or something.

  • Richie

    I pretty much agree with a couple of the above posters in that I find the interior spaces and wall treatments to be excellent but as an object in the city it just seems to be this monolitic slab of drabness.. hopefully not too many people will see it in that aerial view.

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  • flip


    • Juni

      That’s right unless if you care about birds interests or if you are god.

  • Jean Nouvel

    I want to start a petition prohibiting Herzog & de Meuron to do more “architecture”. Please stop providing press to bland, conventional spaces wrapped in a veil of seductive yet banal surfaces. There is no quality in this project, nothing that contributes to the urban morphology, only self referential, narcissistic contributions that damage the discipline of architecure.


  • http://www.facebook.com jinane

    amazing Project

  • sedakurt

    nice architecture…

  • flip

    is jean nouvel here, THE JEAN NOUVEL???

  • hisham

    there is a nice contradiction between the negative and positive spaces , outdoor and indoor, solid and void…..
    very nice ..

  • hisham

    but when it comes to the relation of the project with its urban context ………it is a disaster …specially when we see the air view ….

  • HDEM

    I totally disagree with the comments about this not fitting in urban context -

    it beautifully sit on the subtle slope (last picture!)
    elegant juxtaposition of old + new -

  • http://www.lupa-a.com lupino

    Es un bloque apabullante y horrendo en medio de un espacio urbano construido durante siglos. Desgraciadamente habrá que esperar unos quinientos años para ver si este esperpento de la economía ¨global¨ armoniza con su contexto. No hay discusión acerca del gasto energético de este edificio que debe ser estratosférico.