Video: Soumaya Museum / LAR + Fernando Romero

Back in 2009 we published this very interesting Museum by architects LAR + Fernando Romero located in . Now, they shared with us this HD video of the work already finished. The video is courtesy of Onnis Luque.

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  • Hector

    is that the real mexico?

    • Miguel

      Ok, so, what is the real México?, is Juárez City, is Tepozteco, is Neza. City or Miravalle Izt. ? Nooo wait… i know it… Condesa Neighborhood, no no, wait maybe Palmas Av. or maybe … San Pedro Garza García or Minerva Av…. noooo that´s right it is Montealbán noooo I got it: Carranza Street in the heart of Tepito.. …
      COME ON!!!!! … WE JUST NEED TO CELEBRATE THAT THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN IN MEXICO (special in the current days)… otherwise… intead of looking for a real Country, State or even a single street, lets celabrate diversity… ultimately… that is the “real” definition of the urban realm… we just need to overcome that “chafa-metaphysical” way of reeding the reality.. and better trying to explain and understand (till the limits of our rational capacities) the physical-spatial expresion of our current (and past.. if you ask me) societies for a better architectural practice… and that is by definition a multiplicity of “realities” (at least in the way you mention it).

  • kolohe

    when i think about all of the money, effort, and hype that went into this building, it’s really quite underwhelming.

  • arch

    Now this tells me nothing more than a series of photos, in which the quality of the pictures is usually better.

    What would have been interesting to see in a video of such a building, is how the light changes the building during the day, not just people walking by.

  • menlow

    I hope they’ve got some kind of incredible, anti-smog coatings on that skin, because that form will make it nearly impossible to clean. I mean, this is Mexico City we’re talking about here.

    Are there no views through the skin anywhere? The form is interesting in a sculptural sense, but the density of the site is in pretty stark contrast to appreciating it’s ‘objectness’.

  • Markus

    Is there a link to the original article on this project? I would really like to find out what the original inspiration was behind this concept.

    • Martin Hedin

      Try clicking on the first link “Museum” in the text.

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