Collective Tower / Adrian Lahoud

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The Collective Tower, proposed for Tripoli, , by Adrian Lahoud addresses the co-existence between different city forms, specifically the small-scaled, fine-grained building divisions within towers and skyscrapers.

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Courtesy of Adrian Lahoud

Like many cities in the Middle East, Tripoli is an old and finely-grained city with small scale forms that have been developed by tradition and necessity over centuries. With the recent advent of technology and globalism these details are being replaced with generic forms of high-density development. Adrian Lahoud’s proposal explores this problem with a tower that has a reduced footprint that minimally disrupts the fabric of the existing city.

Courtesy of Adrian Lahoud

The tower is a flexible triple support structure that transforms to accommodate the many small and variable site conditions that are characteristic of fine-grained sites in older cities. The collective structure is a bundle of three smaller towers joined in the middle for structural stability.

Courtesy of Adrian Lahoud

By joining the towers at the middle, two significant changes are introduced; firstly, the public podium level occurs at the mid-rise of the tower, while the ground condition – now shaded by the volume above can take on a more active public character. The project is designed as the collection of a series of semi-autonomous scalar problems. Each problem registers in the building in different ways. The idea is to develop a generic and repeatable strategy at each register.

Architect: Adrian Lahoud
Location: Tripoli, Libya
Assistants: Alina McConnochie, Sally Hsu, Regan Ching, Erik Escalante

Cite: Vinnitskaya, Irina. "Collective Tower / Adrian Lahoud" 29 Mar 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • Johnny Depp

    another fantasmagoria that claims to get its inspiration from the site, only to impose its delusional forms on the context. If this is done as experimentation in 3D software, thats fine. If its done as a serious proposal for the city, this would be an indictment of our sorry condition as architects in this world. By the way, this is Tripoli, Lebanon; and not Tripoli, Libya!

    • Lebanon, Libya, Liberia, all foreign countries are the same?

      Yeah, posting someting right now about Tripoli, Libya without mentioning Crazy Dictator of the Week Qadafi would be either very ignorant or simply wrong. So let’s hope for the later and go for Tripoli Lebanon.

    • v

      small mistake; Tripoli, Lebanon not Libya


    this post is actually showing 2 separate projects: the tower proposal and the expo center proposal(the park/loopy looking thing)

  • D a v i d

    Dictorial Orgasm becomes wet dream.

    • D a v i d

      Lebanon? ….oh, my bad.

  • O

    Seems like a rip off of OMA’s 2007 Torre Bicentenario office building in Mexico, even down to the rendering.

    • joe

      or even the REX project museum plaza

  • tomash

    and there was a project on ground zero competition from kevin kennon ( ) that look like to have the same DNA code source.
    but are you serious? or just wasting your time discovering america?

  • Kim

    Hi Adrian, Diagram 4 is really nice!!! Somebody has to crack the obsolete high rise topology!
    Nowadays plague in architecture is the crowd of un-educated guys polluting the garbage of every architecture forum.
    Get a real library guys and start a descent constructive argumentation in front of your keyboard. It’s less risky than being a CAD monkey, but can you even do it?

  • Johnny Depp


    My library would probably fill your whole house… architecture is not fashion, and definitely good architecture is not the result of ejaculative imaginative inspirations without any relation to context [go start by looking at Scharoun's work if you want to learn to really 'crack' anything]…
    Also, good and objective criticism can not be properly done between ‘buddies’, intent on promoting each other. I dont know Adrian, and hence my critique is far more objective and worthy than yours!