Athletic-LOOP / UArchitects


Architects: UArchitects – Emile van Vugt and Misak Terzibasiyan
Location: , The Netherlands
Client: Municipality Eindhoven
Drawings/Renders: Courtesy of UArchitects

© UArchitects

This assignment for a new multifunctional building with a spectator’s grandstand along the existing track has been approached by us from the sport itself.

The dynamics and perception of athletics is translated into form. This form itself is a logo and could in this way become an icon for the sport.

© UArchitects

The building consists of a large grandstand with an accessible roof, which in fact is a continuous three-dimensional course. The different functions have been grouped below this level.

The main goal is the translation of the dynamics of sport in to expressive architecture.

Cite: Rosenberg, Andrew. "Athletic-LOOP / UArchitects" 06 Apr 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • Vitor Lucas

    Explicit copy of BIG’s Denmark Pavillion… come on!

    • jhn


      • bobo


  • godryk

    So BIG came up with the Moebius Strip? If you go to any school studio you’ll see dozens of projects like this. It’s called geometry, I don’t understand why people talk about it as if it had copyright.

  • tomato88

    totally agree with godryk. First of all BIG did a really great job with their pavillion at the expo, but even they were not the first one with a mobius strip or something similar (UN Studio – Mobius house)

  • aiwa

    any way, it is a pure shame and rudeness to show up with this kind of copy, on such a public forum