Square in Space / Ivan Filipivoc

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Ivan Filipivoc has shared with us this preliminary project for a crafts center in Zagreb, . Deriving its inspiration from one of the oldest crafts – blacksmithing, the architecture bears a strong symbolism to this act of making.

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Courtesy of Ivan Filipivoc

The formal connection of the architecture is developed by the tool of the blacksmith: the anvil. The base of the building is this symbol and is also a programmatic support for the products of the work. The skyscraper, the hall, the hotel and the Academy School for Craft are all located within the building.

Courtesy of Ivan Filipivoc

A material distinction runs through the architecture dividing the base from the objects built upon it. The base-anvil has a metal texture, while the objects above are polished metal and glass.

Cite: Vinnitskaya, Irina. "Square in Space / Ivan Filipivoc" 13 Mar 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=119130>
  • http://lsminsurance.ca/ Lorne Marr

    The “Square in Space” project seems more than interesting to me, especially when I think of Zagreb and its down to earth urbanism, this could present quite a breakthrough in the city’s architecture. However, I would say, the building should not stand alone, it may work much better when set into the urban structures.

  • zick

    it is a very brave and structural progressive project.
    would be sound to find funds to build it….congratulation!

  • http://www.r2n.arq.br/ Rafael Rodrigues

    nice concept, very influenced by Rem Koolhaas, and awesome renderings…

  • Cristian Razvan Goldschmidt

    nice concept, I really like it and I like also to see it build! Great job, nice and very aesthetic and how zick says:”it is a very brave and structural progressive project…”

  • cale

    Very interesting project. Works like this is something that keeps architecture going forward in my opinion. Renderings are outstanding. Good job.

  • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

    surprised this one is NOT in China….:)
    crisis alredy stop in Zagreb?:)………….

  • three zed

    I would guess that the last name is Filipovic, not Filipivoc. Fact check?

  • Gondariew

    great job .very nice

  • http://mjwinsurance.ca Michelle

    Beuatiful, We need a building like this in our city