Video: Le Dauphin / Rem Koolhaas and Clement Blanchet

Chef Fre Peneau’s new restaurant, Le Dauphin is an 80 sqm ‘obsession in white’. OMA‘s and associate Clement Blanchet received the Fooding 2010 award for their interior design of the restaurant that opened December 2010. Predominant materials of marble, mirrors and wood enlarge the space through reflection, and blur the boundary between interior and exterior.

Cite: Minner, Kelly. "Video: Le Dauphin / Rem Koolhaas and Clement Blanchet" 04 Mar 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • ntartaglione

    Odd question but does anyone know what font was used for this? I love it.

    • e

      it’s andale mono :-)

  • NimaJ

    The parallel between architecture fabrication and cooking was cute in the beginning but 3 or 4 shots were enough to get the point conveyed as an exercise in movie making. As for the architecture, there was none, just touchy intellectual collaborative atmosphere between two noble professions. OMA used to be the first to notice the pitfalls of sentimentalism and intellectual cliches in our profession.