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  7. 21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects

21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects

  • 01:00 - 19 January, 2009
21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects
21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects

21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects 21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects 21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects 21 terraced houses / Vallo & Sadovsky Architects +18

  • Architects

  • Location

    Pekná cesta, Rača, Slovakia
  • Architects

    Vallo & Sadovsky Architects
  • Terraced house constructed area

    138 sqm
  • Area

    162.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. Our client's requirement was to create a hybrid between a larger more comfortable dwelling with 4 parking places and a family house with a small garden, with two terraces and with its own garage. Our final proposal was also affected by the fact that the land drops down of a floor per its total length, i.e. of circa 3 meters.

There were built 21 family houses in the locality divided into 3 sections. It is going on three types of family house, namely a terraced house and left and right end corner houses. Street space is bordered by garages, which are getting towards the front part of the parcel with consequent creation of intimate zone used for relax, which is closely connected with the dwelling space. The house has three over ground floors with a terrace on each of them.

There can be found a living room connected with the kitchen on the 1st floor and two children's rooms with a smaller workroom as well as a bathroom with toilets on the 2nd floor. A separated parents‘ unit with its own terrace and hygienic facilities is situated on the 3rd floor. We have decided to brighten garage gates occupying quite a large area from the aspect of its contact with the street graphically.

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ariana roberts · February 19, 2011

these do seem cartoonish

Guinevere · August 07, 2010
Maria-Louiza Laopodi · May 07, 2009

I love the colors and geometry.

martin. · February 16, 2009


1_the cladding material is Trespa (a compact board)
2_for the garages in fromt_it was done by purpose
(in that direction was even a great view towards the city, from the slope the street is on) but another row of houses was planned there (now close before finishing) unfortunately to high and to close, so this way the street is now not to crowded as well as the south (front)gardens have at least some privacy


t_F · January 20, 2009

This project proves that a few accent walls can add lots of atmosphere without overwrought geometries or details.

Richie · January 19, 2009

The bright colours are appealing, but it does seem very defensive on both street facades - little slit windows peeking out on the front, or those garages pushing it away on the rear.

Contemporary Art · January 19, 2009

I like the structure, but I actually find the decorative patterns annoying. I think after a few months it would become grating to live in such a cutesy neighborhood. Even painting them solid green in places could be better. And I guess I agree, the garages are a bit too prominent. But it's still overall a nice design.

Dave Morris · January 19, 2009

The colours and details are nice, and the photography is, as ever, superb. What worries me, though, is the kind of neighbourhood these houses create. The street facade leads to nothing but garage doors, and any private spaces are well away from public ones. You could meet your immediate neighbours over those fences, but anyone further away will only ever be seen through car windows.

They're nice housing plans - and I love the rooflights over the kitchen - but the neighbourhood is nothing but garage - a great shame.

christos · January 19, 2009

..and please can anybody tell me what kind of material is the green glading on the external it alucobond ( aluminioum)?

christos · January 19, 2009

beautiful piece of architecture!! i love it ! simple, clean and colourful....must be a joyful neighbourhooh to live in!!


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